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Spring Cleaning for Your Front Yard

Steve Thompson
April 15, 2022

Now is the time to get your home ready for summer and you can start with these tips for spring cleaning your front yard. For most people, the front door is the focal point of their home. Effective exterior home design is often based around the door, such as the walkway and plants on either side. Here are ways to beautify your front yard.

Assess Your Home Close Up and From a Distance

Take a look at your home's front yard up close and from several yards away. If bushes and shrubs look uneven, plan on trimming them, particularly any dead branches. Look for areas of grass that are dying. You can fix unattractive lawn areas with spring seeding. Replace damaged soil with fresh soil treated with compost and fertilizer. Compost feeds the soil while fertilizer feeds the plants.

Evaluate the overall appearance of your fencing. Check for rotted wood, which can be repaired with wood epoxy. Replace broken pickets, which is fairly simple. Then inspect the various parts of your home's exterior, which may include checking for rooftop deck leaking.

Year-round Front Yard Plants

Creating a year-round colorful landscape is a worthwhile goal with your garden. Green is a magical color because it mixes well with various other hues including yellow, orange, brown, red, pink, violet, and blue. The combination of trees, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and herbs can create a captivating display of colors.

Tropical plants work well in warm climates such as California and Arizona. These plants are drought-resistant and don't need to be watered routinely. Examples of these succulents include Cleveland sage, foxtail agave, and the palo verde tree.

Minimalist Approach to Landscaping

While doing spring cleaning for your front yard, visualize subtle additions to give it better curb appeal. You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars, especially if your front yard already looks nice or you're starting from scratch. An affordable example of how you can enhance your home's appearance within a modest budget is using eye-catching containers for a front porch garden. Emphasizing color that matches your home's exterior is another key to a subtle design.

Low Maintenance Lawn Alternatives

Adding a front deck can boost your home's curb appeal and give it a more comfortable feel. Keep in mind that the northern side of your home will get more shade than sunlight most of the day. Therefore, it's best to keep plants that require sunlight on any side of the home except the north. Planting a garden is a good way to cover up unattractive areas. You might also consider bark or rocks for areas where the grass is difficult to grow.

Make Room for Social Gatherings

If you plan to invite guests to your home for social gatherings, make sure your walkways are safe. Cracks in concrete can cause people to trip if they aren't watching where they step. Consider adding a front patio if you need to repave your walkway or driveway. Making your home safe and comfortable for guests with sufficient open space is important for creating a cozy atmosphere to complement its aesthetics.


Spring cleaning is a fun activity that brings the family together. It's a great way to freshen up your home's appearance without breaking the bank. For help with your deck waterproofing needs, request a quote from the pros at West Coast Deck Waterproofing today!