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Quick Fixes To Waterproofing A Leaky Deck

Pembrook Nelson
September 14, 2016

One of the worst things that can happen to a home deck is water damage. With prolonged water exposure, the damage can cause mold and dry rot, which may inevitably weaken the integrity of the deck. Fortunately, there are some ways to fix problems when they are only minor. Here’s how to repair a leaky deck

The first thing to do is to detect the problem area. If a part of your deck already has water damage, there are a few ways that you can test for damage. If the wood feels spongy or is squishy when you press against it, this is a good indicator that the wood panel has water damage or dry rot. Early detection is key since it is much easier to simply replace one panel of wood then it is to replace the entire deck. Another area to check is the water outlets on your deck. Some decks have poorly designed water outlets that are attached to the exterior of the deck. When these are poorly designed, they actually trap water to the deck instead of pushing the water away from the deck. 

Another area to check is the roof deck. There are many advantages of roof deck such as protecting the deck from UV rays, rain and snow. However, with a roof, there is always the chance of leaks coming through. When flat roof decks are not properly installed, they can often lead to leaks that may not only cause damage to your floor but to deck furniture as well. One way to ensure leaks from forming in the first place is add a PVC membrane directly onto the roof. The membrane is watertight and leave your deck protected. The best way to protect your deck from future leaks or water damage is to get your deck waterproofed. It is a best practice to get your deck waterproofed every two years. Doing this will protect your deck from leaks that might have occurred otherwise. 

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