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Simple Backyard Patio Ideas on a Budget

Steve Thompson
April 1, 2022

All it takes are a few simple backyard patio ideas to freshen up the look of your home environment. You don't necessarily need to spend much money if you apply some basic design principles.

Use Minimalism

The "less is more" cliche constantly proves to be useful even in an age when technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Many people need relief from the busy world, which is why simple backyard patio ideas such as matching furniture with natural outdoor colors always look attractive. Minimalism is a timeless concept rather than a recurring trend that goes in and out of style. It relates closely to sustainable solutions.

Choose Black as a Primary Shade

Black as a primary shade works in countless ways, as it presents both a classic and modern look. It's attractive because the eye is drawn to contrasting imagery. Since black contrasts with all light colors and shades, it communicates a mix of logic and creativity. Dark objects provide an interesting definition of backyard scenery. Using black in several places including around windows presents an artistic visual effect driven by consistency.

Waterproof Your Deck

Not only does waterproofing your deck provide a durable coating, but this solution will also preserve the visual integrity of the material, whether it's wood, cement, or other material. It's crucial for homeowners to learn how to keep water from dripping through deck openings. The coating will help your deck look clean and modern.

Add a Touch of Tropical Scenery

People commonly envision resort getaways to be tropical scenery found in places like Hawaii and The Bahamas. The warm climate and green omnipresence of tropical plant life make these places top global tourist destinations. So just borrow a little from your favorite tropical getaway to bring reminders of it into your backyard.

Set Up an Array of Plants

For maximum backyard ambiance, avoid limiting plants to just grassy areas. The more you build a collection of plants, the more nature-driven your backyard will look. You should make your backyard look as green as possible if you want nature and relaxation to be the main themes. You can do so by surrounding your patio with grass. Green associates closely with earthiness, which energizes the atmosphere in a comfortable way. Even if you are going for minimal plants, the presence of any plants on your deck adds energy to the scenery.

Match Plants with Furniture

When green is plentiful in your backyard scenery, it gives life to all the objects you place in the environment. Outdoor furniture that matches greenery can be almost any color and is a matter of placement for best effects. A green backdrop allows furniture to stand out more in the daytime. Consider matching your outdoor scenery with your home's interior, which allows for both minimalism and consistency.

Get Artistic

Adding art to your backyard scenery can look both eye-catching and sophisticated. Once again, minimalism is all that's required to present subtle artistry. A pool area can look artistic simply by adding some color. Concrete, green, and art are stunning combinations.


If you want to give your backyard more flair without draining your savings, consider how minimalism can do wonders. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing for all of your pool and deck waterproofing needs.