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Signs Your Deck Is In Need Of A Facelift

Daliah Okoro
June 1, 2016

Having an outdoor deck can be a place of pride for a homeowner. A deck is a great place to enjoy company with friends and families as well as the great weather during warmer months. However, when a deck is damaged, it can become unsafe and even dangerous to use. If you might be worried that your deck has endured some wear and tear, here are three tell tale signs your deck needs repair.The first thing you to check for is wood rot and decay. Dry rot comes from moisture build up, which eventually rots away at the wood panels of your deck. Visual signs of rot include discoloration, mildew, and mold. Another thing to check for is that some areas of the damaged wood will be softer than other areas and will take on a sponge like quality. If you find any of these signs, replace these boards as soon as possible to prevent the rot from spreading.The next thing to check for are loose, corroded, or missing connectors throughout your deck. Over time, metal connectors that connect rails to the deck for example can become loose or rusted. Checking for corrosion is important as corrosion on connectors weakens its ability to hold weight. With enough corroded connectors, the overall integrity of the deck is put into jeopardy. One way to check these connectors is to shake the railings to see if they are sturdy. If not, check the connectors as well such as screws and any nails.One last thing to check for is cracked, split, or warped boards. These things can occur through natural wear and tear from the elements as well as UV rays. While natural tear can occur, serious damage that requires action is when the boards become warped, cracked, or split. At this point, the boards should be replaced as it will become unsafe to add any extra weight to the deck.For professional deck repair services call us for a Quote today to keep your deck in top shape!