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Secure Your Investment with Deck Waterproofing

Daliah Okoro
May 29, 2014

With the summer months quickly approaching, it means more time for BBQs, being outside, and enjoying the company of family and friends. And where does all that happen? More often than not, it will be out on your deck. Having a deck is one of the pleasures of being a homeowner, but in order to be able to properly enjoy it, it is important to protect it from damage. If you reside in Southern California and wish to protect your investment of your deck, it is important to utilize deck waterproofing specialists in LA county.

Two of the things that can cause the most damage to your deck are water damage and ultraviolet light. As a result, waterproofing your deck is the best way to protect your deck from wear and tear, making it possible for you to enjoy your deck for many years. Surprisingly, it doesn't take much time for water to do irreparable damage to your deck. This is why  waterproofing is so important. Most deck coatings have to be reapplied every 2 to 4 years, though there are some products that are available promising to last for longer than that. If you want to go that route, be advised that these coatings usually cost more, but this may be an option for an individual who wants to avoid doing regular maintenance.

The location of your home is also a factor in how often you should reapply the coat to your deck. For example, if you live in a wet or humid climate, you should consider re-coating the deck more frequently. If you live in a dry or sunny area, it may not be necessary to waterproof it as often, though you may want to consider getting a coating specifically for protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. By first understanding what conditions your deck is in, it will be easier to figure out what kind of coating you should purchase. If you are considering using an epoxy coating, then you may find that it is better to hire an expert to apply it on your deck, as the process is a little more difficult.

Be sure to follow directions for deck application exactly as stated on the label to ensure best results. It is also crucial for the deck’s surface to be properly prepped before applying the coat, as failing to do so can negatively affect the finished product of your deck and will reduce how effective the product will be. Thankfully, the process is not very difficult and most coatings are rather easy to apply.