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5 Things to be Aware of to Achieve Success in Waterproofing!

Kevin Marshall
September 12, 2014

Watershapes that are built with concrete will inevitably need to be sealed, if they aren't already. Concrete is a naturally porous substance and the fact that watershape shells are already created with various holes for cleaning systems, lighting fixtures and more, there is an increased challenge of keeping water from leaking. For this reason, waterproofing is essential to watershape shells and structures. There are a variety of products on the market today to help you accomplish waterproofing. In order to know which is best for you, here are five things to be aware of, whether you are waterproofing a roof, deck, or other surface.

The first is to determine what the product is made of. Most are made from concrete or similar material, which means you’ll want to use products that are similar to concrete in chemical composition. You’ll also want to note how the surface will be finished, because some finishes bond better to certain substances over others.The second is to know the best way to apply your product. If you are working with a large surface area, then waterproofing through spray equipment may be more economical, as well as a quicker way to waterproof it. On the other hand, if you are working with a more irregular surface such as artificial rockwork, it may be more effective to use trowels, rollers or brushes to apply the waterproofing. Thirdly, know the water chemistry of your pool. This is because the coating has to withstand the chemical environment it is in. Residential swimming pools use fewer chemicals than public or commercial pools, so the waterproofing finishes need to be more durable for a public pool than a residential pool.The fourth thing to consider is whether or not there is a specific aesthetic end in mind. Do you want the surface to be over coated, tiled, or painted? If so, be aware that not all waterproofing systems are compatible with plasters, tile or other finishes. Finally, remember that waterproofing is not only about keeping water inside, but it is also about keeping groundwater out. Be sure to know whether or not the coating used will resist negative-side hydrostatic pressure. If you’re unsure how this all works, take a look into reliable Los Angeles waterproofing contractors to handle all of these processes for you, so you can get the quality you’re seeking for your investment!