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Protect Your Roof through Waterproofing

Jenn Tolson
January 30, 2013

Living comfortably requires proper home maintenance. Homeowners are faced with at least one house-related dilemma whether it be a plumbing issue, structural damage or/and landscaping problem. As a responsible homeowner, you are expected to take preventable measures from any future damage that may happen to your house. For instance, if you anticipate that your deck, balcony, or roof will get damaged from the winter months ahead, it is important to be well prepared for the rain or snow. Many professionals encourage you to plan ahead and not wait until the damage has occurred to fix the problem.  Planning ahead will save you more money and time in the long run. It is never advisable to delay even the most minor problems because avoiding the problem can worsen the outcome. At one time or another we have experienced a leaking roof especially when it rains or snows. In the recent months we have experienced a rather rainy season which usually means major flooding and leaking. Leaking roofs is a common problem that can cause homeowners a huge headache to repair. Homes with flat roofs are much more prone to leaking and water damage than steeper or slanting roofs because of the roof’s architecture.  Roofs built with a slanted position allow water to flow directly down the surface whereas roofs with flat surfaces tend to accumulate water much more easily.  That being said, flat roofs are much more vulnerable to seepage than slanted roof tops. We can prevent this kind of water damage by waterproofing our roofs.

Roof waterproofing protects our roof from structural damage. Besides roofs, waterproofing systems can also be installed for our patio decks, balcony, pool decks, basement, and ceiling. Waterproofing your home is necessary to prevent any serious structural damage that may occur in future. Weather is the main causal factor in most water damage.  Sun, wind, rain, snow and even humidity may cause not only structural damage but also health problems. Every occupant living in your home may be affected by the mold and bacteria produced from the mildew and damp environment. To safeguard you against any health issues that may possibly arise from water damage it is highly recommended that you install durable waterproofing systems where needed. Roofs with heavy-duty waterproofing systems are able to withstand even the most severe rainfall. Keep in mind that waterproofing systems may need to be replaced every 5 years or so depending on the quality and brand of the product. Desert Crete is one of the most reliable waterproofing system brands and deck contractors like West Coast Deck Waterproofing highly recommend this brand.Because many homeowners are not equipped or skilled in successful waterproofing or roof repair, experts suggest hiring a professional to handle the problem. Before just hiring anyone, make sure he or she is licensed and insured. Deck waterproofing can take years of experience and if the task is not done properly it can cost you much more in the long run. Do your research and seek the advice from waterproofing experts to figure out the best solution for your particular situation. For a free, no obligation inspection, click here to request a call today!