Recommendations for Matching Backyard Designs

Create a Matching Backyard Design - Well-designed backyard of a house with a jacuzzi
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
October 15, 2021

There's an art to matching backyard designs with surroundings that any homeowner can champion by applying their own taste and working with professionals. Planning pool deck colors requires a bit of patience to consider multiple color schemes unless you already know what you want. Here are helpful insights on matching backyard designs with your home and outdoor scenery.

Decide Between Painting or Staining Your Deck

The first step to matching your home with your backyard is to determine if you want to paint or stain your pool deck. Staining is a simple process as the colorant dries quickly. The most ideal stain for a pool deck is a semi-transparent stain that blocks UV rays and moisture. Painting is the better option for customized colorful designs.

The concept of coloring is a top strategy for homeowners to make their concrete pool deck look more appealing. Think about integrating your deck with the environment so that it presents a compelling mix of nature and modern engineering.

Choosing From a Color Palette

Matching backyard designs involves finding out the color palette used on your house. It helps if you know exactly who painted the house. A palette is a menu diagram of multiple colors to choose from for home painting projects.

It may seem frustrating to some people when they can't find the exact paint color to match their pool deck. But not many people notice subtle color differences as the key is to find colors that look nice together. You can always install color lighting as another option to complement your pool deck and home.

Popular Colors and Color Schemes

Some of the most widely selected stamped concrete colors are Adobe Bluff, Stone Gray, Cappuccino, Terra Cotta, Sun Bluff, and Smokey Beige. Outdoor environments often blend well with soft earthy colors. Stamped concrete colors work well with driveways made of stone, wood or other natural imagery.

When matching concrete with other backyard elements it helps to remember that you will definitely not find exact color matches. Painting is done within a controlled environment, whereas concrete coloring encompasses unpredictable factors that affect the color. These factors include cement, aggregate, and weather.

Some people who enjoy exploring creative art can stare at colors for hours to formulate a desirable color scheme. Popular color schemes for pool decks include white and beige, brown and tan, gray and blue, and multi-colored designs. A broader mix of colors helps contractors create a realistic stone or tile image.

Other Ideas to Enhance Your Backyard Designs

Beyond color, you can enhance your pool deck's appearance in other simple ways. Learning how to stop plant pots staining decking will improve aesthetics with a cleaner look. Keeping pots raised above the deck with wire baskets is a reliable way to prevent stains.

Consider fixing cracks in your deck with concrete resurfacing, which is a durable and stain-resistant solution. Taking this step alone can raise the value of your home since it replaces a crumbing look with a fresh design.

Another idea for enhancing your backyard designs is to alter the color of an existing stamped walkway. In other words, a gray slab can be converted to a red slab. If you choose natural stone, you can achieve unique multi-color effects.


Matching backyard designs between your pool deck and home is a creative and strategic endeavor that can boost the value of your property. Make sure for your protection to only work with professional licensed and insured contractors. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing to learn more about making your backyard visions a reality.