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Using Quality Products Make a Difference

Jenn Tolson
January 27, 2017

Anyone with a deck will tell you that it takes some maintenance to keep a deck looking like new. While decks need some looking after, what really makes a difference is the deck waterproofing products that are used on the deck. Whether you are looking to make some minor repairs to your deck or you are actually looking to do some resurfacing or aesthetic modifications, quality products make all the difference. Consider these Desert Brand products for your deck.

Desert Crete is a deck and roof covering system that is often used for commercial purposes such as condominiums, apartments and commercial businesses. This is because Desert Crete offers a fire-retardant product that is Class A and one-hour fire rated. This means that it will keep your apartment, condominiums or home safe for longer in the event of a fire. This is what makes Desert Crete an excellent option for plywood subfloors.

Desert Crete is also a quality product that can easily be pigmented with different colors, textures, stamps and more to create the unique design you’re looking for. The finished surface of Desert Crete is ideal for adding exterior designs. Desert Crete combines high-performance acrylic modified cement with a state of the art color enhancement process. This means that a wide variety of hues can be created so that you can find the perfect color for your home. Popular colors include beiges, tans, and greys. Green, orange and red hues are also available.

Desert Flex is a system that is used for deck restorations. Desert Flex can also help to repair roof decks, balconies and walkways as well. If your existing deck system needs some repairs, than desert flex is just for you. Desert Flex is easy to apply and it also dries fast, which means you can spend less time waiting around for the deck to be complete and more time enjoying it.