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Pool Deck Waterproofing Tips To Protect Your Investment

Steve Thompson
June 18, 2021

Maintaining proper care of your pool deck depends on various elements such as pool size, cleaning methods, pH, and other factors. If your pool deck has any leaks, it's crucial to get them fixed right away to not lead to more significant problems. Developing proper maintenance habits is part of the key to a long-lasting backyard design. Here are essential pool deck and waterproofing tips to help minimize maintenance and maximize durability.

1. Cover Your Pool

One of the most basic yet significant pool deck and waterproofing tips is to get a pool cover and use it to protect the water from environmental elements. The cover will keep water from evaporating, reducing water loss. Covers can retain night heat, which can further cut costs on heating and chemical treatment. By covering your pool, you'll end up doing less maintenance and spending less money on energy. It can add safety to your pool area as well.

2. Manage Water Composition

Remember that a swimming pool contains chemicals that must remain balanced to avoid damage to the plaster. When the mineral composition is too low, the water can draw calcium from the plaster. But when calcium levels are high, it can lead to mineral deposits in your pool, as crystals form on the plaster. This buildup can leave grey, white or brown spots on the plaster's surface. If too much of this buildup occurs, it may require an acid wash to remove it. An acid wash, however, uses thousands of gallons of water. So it's best to identify and address calcium deposits as soon as possible. Be sure to regularly monitor the water's pH and calcium levels to avoid complex maintenance problems.

3. Learn Deck Coating Options

Coating your deck is one of the keys to making it look attractive to guests. Three common pool finishes are plaster, quartz, and pebble, with the latter being the most durable. A popular option for a concrete overlay is spray-on textured acrylic, which can be used for custom effects. A significant advantage to using this coating is it helps make the concrete cooler for bare feet. It also makes the surface safer with slip-resistance properties. First, evaluate the condition of your pool deck to see if any cracks need to be resurfaced.

4. Choose Deck Design for Your Climate

Climate has become a hot issue, especially in areas where there's drought. While a textured concrete pool deck surface generally promotes safety, this configuration might not hold up well in areas with heavy snowfall. So make sure your choice for pool deck design fits your region's typical climate with the understanding that extreme changing conditions are possible anywhere. Usually, the hotter the area, the more robust coating you need to waterproof your pool deck.

Be aware that cheaply colored concrete doesn't work well in hot areas such as the South. The colors will degrade quickly. Even though all concrete pool decks must be resurfaced at some point, look for the most durable solutions. Ask neighbors in your community who have pools what type of coating is appropriate for your climate.

5. Study Various Design Ideas

Before making your final decision on waterproofing for your pool deck, learn about the various design ideas available that might work for your backyard. Consider color schemes, textures, and patterns to shape the ambiance. Landscaping plays a significant role in b backyard designs, especially near the deck. Be aware of where sunlight falls on the deck and the areas of shade any trees might produce. Consider light scaping, which involves adding lights around your pool deck. Think about how your existing patio and walkways help separate the pool from the deck.

Additional Guidelines

A nice-looking pool deck can be part of low-maintenance pool landscaping with a mix of practical and creative thinking. You might consider desert plants that don't rely on much water for adding to a colorful natural ambiance. Making each plant accessible will help you manage this type of captivating yet low-maintenance green scenery.


Follow these pool deck and waterproofing tips to enhance your backyard's safety and appearance. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing to learn more about our pool deck waterproofing services.