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Low Maintenance Pool Landscaping Ideas

Steve Thompson
May 7, 2021

A backyard pool often needs eye-catching landscaping to go with it. Ideally, this combination will result in low-maintenance pool landscaping. Many times landscaping becomes the focal point of backyard scenery even if you adopt low-cost solutions such as low maintenance plants.

Some of the many general design concepts to consider as simple solutions include creating a wall of plants or a rock garden. Both of these common ideas provide picturesque imagery for your background by mixing nature with modern development. This blend gives a pool a more sophisticated look. Here's a look at five low-maintenance ideas for pool landscaping.

1. Low Maintenance Pool Landscaping

One option to think about is to build an attractive pool deck as part of your low-maintenance landscaping plan. These decks can be covered with desert plants that don't require much watering. Other low-maintenance choices include evergreen trees and small plants that flower quickly. The main point to remember for seamless maintenance is to keep your plants arranged so that each one is easily accessible, which will give you more control. This strategy leaves possibilities wide open for beautiful multi-colored flowers as part of your scenery.

2. Low Maintenance Outdoor Living Space

Constructing an outdoor living space in your backyard is an adventurous idea that can include a tent or modern deck. The best time to build a deck is before summer so that you can avoid the busy season when prices rise with demand. Whether you create an open-air structure or room with a roof, you may also want to add a steel fire pit. If you decide to go with something like a pergola, think about matching outdoor furniture.

3. String Lighting Around the Pool

One of the reasons backyard string lights are so popular is because they create an upbeat ambiance, which is great when you invite over friends. They give off maximum brightness that creates a more shiny atmosphere at night. These lights can be similar to LED holiday white lights, which are easy to set up and last much longer than traditional Christmas lights. It's an excellent way to boost excitement while using less energy more efficiently.

4. LED Pool Lighting

LED lights are popular for various purposes because they illuminate well at night and don't require much maintenance due to greater durability than traditional bulbs. Installing LEDs in your pool can add multiple colors to the water without running up the electric bill. If you want to get fancy with lighting, you can make lights change color, adjusted for different holidays. LEDs help liven up a party while contributing to sustainability.

5. Stone Walkway To The Pool Area

If you consider pool decks in your plan, think about connecting the pool area and decks with a walkway made of stone slabs. Stones naturally go well with swimming pools or any bodies of water. You may not need many stones to create a helpful walkway that captures the imagination. Not only do stones lean toward classic elegant aesthetics, but they can also contribute to keeping your deck and pool cleaner. Stone solutions are among the most economical for backyard design.


Use these ideas to start formulating a low-maintenance pool landscaping plan that will enhance the appearance of your home and make it more inviting for friendly gatherings. Contact the experts at West Coast Deck Waterproofing to learn more about pool deck repair in Los Angeles.