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Outdoor Water Fountain Design Ideas

Steve Thompson
April 2, 2021

One of the most captivating designs for a backyard is a water fountain. There are many different ways a fountain can be crafted to fit your environment and desires. Here are some creative outdoor water fountain design ideas that guests will be sure to notice.

Simple Homemade Fountain Designs

An easily affordable way to install a water fountain in your backyard is to place an inexpensive electric pump in a large ceramic or concrete planter. Simply fill up the planter with water and plug in the pump. The planter can be placed in various settings, such as a flower garden or on your deck. It creates a relaxing environment highlighted by the sound of fresh running water.

Another low-cost fountain design can be built with bamboo, which is already naturally shaped like a water pipe. Water easily flows through bamboo and looks compelling as it pours onto a bed of rocks. Bamboo can be utilized in a variety of ways, including building structures like pipework for distributing water. If you live in the wilderness, bamboo fountains help keep deer away.

Water fountains can be constructed from numerous materials, including an old wine barrel made of wood. Adding a container pump turns it into an attractive nostalgic-looking water pump. Consider adding LED fountain lights and surround the barrel with green plants to make it even more beautiful.

Thinking beyond humans, would you like to do something for the birds that visit your property regularly? Designing a birdbath fountain can be done with rocks covering up a tub of water with a plastic drum. This design keeps the shallow water more under control to create a bird-friendly environment.

Stacking three planters on top of each other and installing a circulating pump is a brilliant way to create three levels of bubbling water. Placing paving stones inside the lower containers helps support the upper planter.

More Elaborate Water Fountain Designs

The only factors holding back your wildest outdoor water fountain design ideas are budget and imagination. If you've got enough money saved up, then you can expand upon your most creative ideas. How does a geyser sound in your backyard? It's an excellent visual spectacle that sprays upward from a base made of rocks. Placing stones over a tub of water with a pump will allow the geyser to shoot water into the air.

If you want a fancy outdoor water display, consider investing in a water fountain kit. Many natural fountain design kits can be ordered online then delivered to your home. All you need is a shovel to prepare the area for placement. The Natural Stone Aquarock is a widely admired design that fits any garden.

Going for a more customized water fountain might be your best solution when the budget isn't an issue. Customizing a fountain based on your existing landscape and home-style "leaves no stone unturned." Keep in mind cement can be shaped in infinite ways and can add an artistic balance to any rustic deck decor.


Think about these outdoor water fountain design ideas as a starting point for what's possible and practical. Then evaluate your backyard and think about what type of water fountain would bring the right energy and ambiance to your property. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing if you need help with pool deck repair or maintenance anywhere in Southern California.