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Ideas For What To Do With a Concrete Backyard

Steve Thompson
November 19, 2021

Have you ever wondered what to do with a concrete backyard? Just because you have plenty of concrete in your backyard doesn't mean it has to be a typical gray presentation. Concrete gives you multiple options for aesthetics, such as a polished or stained look. Mixing greenery and LED lights helps add energy and variety to your backyard. Here are ways to maximize concrete for enhancing your home's backyard utility and appearance.

Explore Different Ways To Showcase Concrete

- Polished Concrete: If you desire a smooth and shiny look, apply polish to a concrete slab. It's a helpful solution for garage flooring.

- Sealing Concrete: Other than polished floors, all other concrete solutions need sealing. This simple process may utilize a spray-on, mop-on, or roll=on solution.

- Scored Concrete: This artistic option involves making cuts into concrete to create the appearance of the tile.

- Stamped Concrete: As one of the most common decorative forms of concrete, this option involves stamping a pattern onto a new concrete mix.

- Stained Concrete: Staining is one of the most popular ways to transform plain concrete into more of a compelling art form. Usually, an acid stain is required.

- Other Concrete Ideas: Other aesthetic options for your backyard include natural stone, linoleum, wooden decks, and carpeting.

Creative Pool Landscaping for Low Maintenance

One way to make concrete more attractive and efficient surrounding a pool is to mix it with desert plants, which don't require much maintenance. Cacti and other desert plants don't need much watering throughout the year, which is why they're considered drought resistant. Plenty of eye-catching options exist within this realm of low-maintenance pool landscaping strategies.

Pave Stone Walkways

Mixing up concrete with different types of stone has a deep traditional appeal. Stone slabs tend to be inexpensive and are often available at large home building supply stores. Paving stone walkways to your pool and deck areas is a simple and affordable solution that can be completed in a matter of hours.

Build an Outdoor Living Space

Another idea that adds a new dimension to your backyard lifestyle is to build an outdoor living space such as a modern deck with tables and chairs. It can be open-air, an ample room, a greenhouse, or various other configurations. A pergola with matching furniture adds even more charm to your backyard.

Add Colorful LED Lights to Your Pool

One of the best reasons to add multi-color LED lights to your pool is it illuminates a cozy atmosphere for small or large gatherings. LEDs provide a cost-effective yet attractive lighting option and don't require much maintenance. Creating an effect of changing colors is another way to capture the imagination.


You don't have to settle for plain concrete in your backyard. Use these ideas and your creativity to move forward with a fresh approach to poolside decking. Contact the experts at West Coast Deck Waterproofing to learn more about how you can improve your backyard by mixing concrete, nature, and your imagination.