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How Waterproofing Your Pool Deck Can Add Safety To Your Home

Jenn Tolson
July 14, 2017

As a homeowner, owning a pool can be point of pride. Not only do pools increase the value of your home, they are also a great way to bring friends and family together when the weather is great. However, due to water on the surface of your deck, pools can also become a dangerous place is not properly maintained. With small kids or adults, it is not uncommon for them to slip on the wet surface of the deck. While this can be a real safety concern, the good news is that there a things you can do to increase the safety of your deck. Contact a California deck company and read to learn how you can make your pool deck more safe.

While waterproofing your deck is an excellent way to keep it safe from cracks and UV rays, it can also be a way to make your pool deck more safe. This is because skid resistant materials can be added into the sealant mix. There are many different concrete sealant products that offer some sort of skid resistant or slip resistant quality in the product. These materials are generally ground up polymers that have a consistency that is similar to sand. When these ground up polymers are added into the waterproof sealers, they bond with the sealant base, creating a new mixture. The end result is that there is now texture and therefore a grip that is on the surface of the polymer. This means that your water proof deck now has some texture it making it much more slip resistant than before.

Another method of creating slip resistant pool decks is through the dry particle broadcast method. This method is different from the one above because in this method, the polymer particles are not mixed in with the sealant. Instead, the material is liberally overlaid on top of the newly applied sealant before it fully dries. For best results, contractors will often combine both of these techniques to ensure your deck can be safe and slip free.