How to Keep Critters Out of Your Pool

Keeping your pool critter free - Pool with a cover
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
October 1, 2021

Swimming pools are meant for humans, but sometimes these can be invaded by critters. If you live near wildlife, there's a chance you may find a dead animal in your pool someday. According to the CDC, dead animals commonly found in swimming pools include birds, mice, rats, frogs, snakes, rats, skunks, and bats. Here are insights on how to keep critters out of your pool along with essential pool deck waterproofing tips.

1. Cover Your Pool

The first rule to remember for keeping animals out of your pool is to cover your pool when not in use. Different types of pool covers exist for different purposes such as keeping water clean, blocking UV rays, and keeping pets away.

Some of the most durable covers are made of polypropylene whereas lighter but more flexible covers are often made of polyethylene. Pool covers provide several other benefits such as they reduce heat loss and water evaporation as well as keep debris out of your pool.

2. Build a Fence Around Your Pool

Different kinds of fences deliver different results when it comes to how to keep critters out of your pool. A high stone fence keeps out animals that can't climb, but it might attract birds. Stone, brick, and wood are all effective fencing materials that add to your privacy.

Aluminum is among the most durable type of pool fencing and is sufficient for keeping larger critters like raccoons out of your pool area. The beauty of glass fencing is it provides an unobstructed view of your landscaping. Mesh pool fences are made with small steel chain links that make it impossible for animals to climb.

3. Use an Animal Repellent Device

Most people don't want ducks to bathe in their pool as some turn to electronic repellent devices to make sure. The problem with ducks or any other animals using your pool is they can spread diseases and bacteria.

An ultrasonic animal repellent device emits a high-frequency pitch that humans can't hear but animals can. You shouldn't use this device, however, if you own pets.

4. Use Sensor-Driven Sprinklers

Another modern digital solution to scaring away wildlife from your pool area is to install a motion-activated sprinkler system. When a sensor detects the presence of an animal the sprinkler sprays water.

It's an eco-friendly solution that's harmless to the animal and is effective at causing them to scramble to a new location. Some systems spray water within a 120-degree range while others provide 360-degree coverage. These smart motion-activated sprinklers are able to differentiate between animals and trees.

5. Routinely Clean Your Pool

Perhaps the most reliable way to ensure animals don't hang out near your pool is to stay up-to-date on regular pool care. Inspecting and cleaning your pool at least once per week will alert you to any messes or damage caused by critters. Regular upkeep makes your pool safe from contamination.

Pool cleaning equipment can help scare away animals, particularly if you run a robotic pool cleaner. You might also scare off wildlife with plastic floaties.


Understanding how to keep critters out of your pool will help preserve the integrity and safety of your pool. Be sure to check out our blog for more pool deck waterproofing tips.