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How to Find the Best Pool Remodeling Warranty

Steve Thompson
August 20, 2021

Getting a new swimming pool installed can be so exciting that homeowners forget to ask all the right questions about the warranty. Knowing the details, such as which parts are covered, should be top of mind. But this information is often overlooked or glossed over until it's time for maintenance. The best pool remodeling warranty is knowledge itself. When it comes to a manufacturer's warranty, ideally, it's for as many years as possible, such as a ten-year plan.

Pool Remodeling Warranty Basics‍

Understanding the elements of the best pool remodeling warranty can bring you peace of mind and help maximize the lifespan of your pool. It's important to note that not all pool owners need a guarantee, but those who most need it have a fiberglass or concrete pool that includes expensive equipment. Find out from a trusted pool sales professional what your options are and if adding a home warranty helps.

Here are the three types of pool warranties:

1. Pool Surface: covers pool surface finish such as when plaster pops off.

2. Tile & Masonry: covers the aesthetic appearance of tile and decking.

3. Equipment: covers pool devices such as pumps, lights, and filters.

Questions for the Sales Agent‍

The most basic question to ask the pool sales agent is: how long does the warranty last? If the answer is only a year, ask if there are longer-term options. Here are some other important questions to ask about a pool remodeling warranty:

1. Will working with an unauthorized contractor void the warranty?

2. Can your warranty plans be customized to feature add-ons?

3. Does the warranty cover every part installed in the pool?

4. Are there ways to extend warranty coverage?

5. Will I also need coverage under a home warranty?

Viewing a Pool as an Investment‍

Purchasing a pool is not like buying a standard product in countless ways. It's not something you pay for once, as you must pay the ongoing costs of maintaining your pool. In that sense, a pool should be considered a long-term investment that ensures years of swimming enjoyment. Even if you have no goals of ever selling your home, it's still important to pay the necessary costs to maintain a healthy swimming environment.

It's crucial not to fall behind on regular maintenance since pool durability depends on it. Neglecting this responsibility can lead to an explosion in multiple costs to restore the pool. That's why it's essential to avoid cutting corners on pool installation or remodeling. You should only hire professional contractors who have the right tools, skills, and industry affiliation. Improper installation is often the most significant cause of costly maintenance.

Since you'll be making a substantial investment in your pool, it's critical to work with experienced professionals who will make life easier. You should be clear on what your warranty covers so that you don't face surprises when it's time for repair or remodeling work. Find out if it's possible to customize your warranty plan, which provides the most flexibility to suit your needs. Use these pool deck waterproofing tips to optimize proper care and maintenance for your pool.


The reason homeowners sometimes miss essential questions to ask when seeking the best pool remodeling warranty is that it's usually not something people buy more than once. Make sure that one purchase is a winner by asking the right questions, especially regarding your pool warranty. For other remodeling ideas like tricking out your garage with epoxy floor coating, get in touch with us today!