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DIY Frugal Landscaping Ideas

Steve Thompson
March 5, 2021

These days frugal landscaping ideas go hand in hand with creativity, careful planning, and online research to fit a tight budget for homeowners and businesses. One way to beat high costs is to learn gardening techniques yourself instead of hiring a professional. Another strategy is to emphasize natural solutions such as trees, plants, and flowers. Here are more frugal landscaping ideas to consider.

Starting with Perennial Plants

Perennial plants live over two years, which distinguishes them from plants that live shorter lives. The term is also used to describe plants with limited or no wood growth. Affordable low maintenance plants come in many different attractive colors and return each year include tulips, hyacinths, and tiger lilies.

It's a good idea to insulate perennial plants’ soil with mulch, which you can get at a low cost if you buy in bulk. This practice is known as mulching, which further saves money by reducing the need for water.

Add Fruits and Vegetables to Your Garden

A significant advantage to planting your garden is you can include trees, bushes, and vines that produce fruit, which can help cut grocery costs. Crops that are easy to grow in backyard settings include tomatoes and jalapenos. If you have excess food, you can sell it at a farmer's market. Vegetables, which rise from the ground, underground, or on a vine, in-home gardens may include lettuce, green beans, and carrots.

Two important keys to growing food are sufficient lighting and water. Think about investing in solar lighting for your garden to help cut electric costs. Many solar systems come with tax credits, which help cut upfront costs.

Rethinking Social Settings

Hotels are particularly in need of desert restoration systems for their outdoor decking during the pandemic. They need to rethink areas where guests gather to facilitate social distancing. Homeowners may also be interested in a deck restoration system that allows for a wide range of decorative and color finishes.

Create Stone Walkways

Placing stone or concrete pieces to create a walkway has DIY charm and goes well with green scenery. These rocks, stone, or concrete steps about one square foot each in size can be collected over time cheaply from various sources, including construction companies with excess chunks of concrete at their work sites.

Where to Get Free Plants

There are various ways to find free plants in your community, including landscaping services and nurseries. These companies often have dying or broken plants that take up space they will be disposing of anyway. Develop a relationship with such places and find out if you can get free or discounted plants.

Find Money-Saving Landscaping Ideas Online

The internet can help you save time on brainstorming frugal landscaping ideas. Many of these ideas fall under sustainable solutions, such as using refurbished bricks or wood. Look on classified sites for people trying to unload gardening tools and plants at low prices. You can expand your search using the internet to find garage sales and stores that offer discount gardening supplies.


You don't have to drain your savings to freshen up your backyard’s appearance, as there are plenty of ways to be creative with landscaping at a low cost. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing if you need help with pool deck repair or maintenance anywhere in Southern California.