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Advantages of Using Desert Flex Restoration Systems

Ariana Sanchez
January 14, 2014

For the majority of people, whether they are looking to restore a decking in a domestic environment or for a business such as a hotel or restaurant decking area, using Desert Flex products will come with a wide range of advantages. Not only is Desert Flex known to be one of the best products in its category currently available to the market, it is cost effective and affordable. Its ability to lengthen the lifespan of a deck saves on future maintenance or replacement needs, while creating an attractive and practical space.

As with all decking areas, proper care and cleaning is also important, but when applied to a deck in good condition the Desert Flex system comes into its own. Restoration of a deck can become necessary at any time, even with regular attention. In many cases, the most typical cause of needing to perform a full restoration is when there has been a change of property, and the previous owners appear to have been less than diligent in looking after their decking. For homeowners or business proprietors alike, a quality deck adds to the overall visual impact and value of the space. Although most people would not choose to perform a restoration project if they didn’t have to, this period of time and work creates the perfect opportunity to apply products like Desert Flex to the surface.Before applying any protective products, assess the deck condition and look at the state of its structure. Any mold or fungal infections need to be treated properly with appropriate chemicals, and any loose railings need to be repaired. If planks of wood are too badly damaged they should be removed and replaced. The deck’s surface then needs to be scrubbed and cleaned, removing dirt particles from within the grain structure. Then, the wood is ready for Desert Flex to be applied. It dries quickly, minimizing the disruption to normal living and working practices, and is also available in a wide range of decorative and color finishes.With all of these benefits, no wonder people choose Desert Flex for restoring decks.