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Have You Wondered if Your Deck is in Need of Repair?

Pembrook Nelson
January 27, 2016

For many homeowners, having an outdoor deck is an area of pride and joy. Outdoor decks provide an opportunity for friends and family to gather and enjoy one another’s company and have fun. However, if left unmaintained, decks can become unsafe and may cause harm to others. Here are a few signs that your deck needs repairs

One of the most typical signs of damage on a deck is water damage. Water or moisture damage can cause the wood of your deck to buckle, twist, and even decay. Similar to this is dry rot, which is caused by moisture. The difference between water damage and dry rot is that water damage can often lead to the growth of fungus, which is called dry rot. The dry rot eats away at the fibers of the wood, impacting the integrity of the deck. Both water damage and dry rot can lead to serious safety hazards if left unattended. 

Other forms of wood rot include mold and mildew. You can check to see if your deck has wood rot by filling out the planks of wood on the deck. If there are any areas that are softer than the others, it is a good sign that is has been affected by rot. Another sign that your deck might need some maintenance or repairs is cracks in the wood. While small cracks that develop over time is quite common, look out for large cracks or warped wood that can lead to painful splinters. In addition, these cracks can become larger overtime and will make the integrity of the deck more vulnerable.

If you have had your deck for quite some time, your deck might simply be worn out if it shows signs of wear and tear. First do a general once over of your deck. If there are missing nails, unsteady railings, unfastened boards, cracked boards, boards with rot etc., it may be time to refinish your deck. Refinishing your deck is a great way to revive the look, color, and general overall appearance of your deck. It is also a good opportunity to fix problem areas such as broken panels or unsteady railings. Regularly maintaining your deck can keep you and your loved ones safe when spending time on your outdoor deck. Repairing a deck that is unsafe is very important & shouldn't be overlooked. Please contact us for a quote today!