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Getting Your Pool Deck Ready for Summer

Steve Thompson
May 20, 2022

Getting your pool deck ready for summer is a great idea if you plan to have fun gatherings at your home. It's important to make your deck safe and attractive, which creates a greater comfort level. Here are five essential steps to take in preparing your deck for safe summer parties.

Inspect Your Deck

The first step in getting your pool deck ready for summer is to thoroughly inspect it. If you notice any cracks in the concrete, you can easily and affordably fix them with sealant. Make sure your deck does not have a slippery surface, which can lead to injuries and litigation. Check the coating surface of your deck to see if it needs a complete replacement or a new layer of coating. Look for sinkholes that might develop near the deck, which can create a shift in the soil and ground surface.

Another concern while inspecting your pool and deck is the buildup of mold, mildew, moss, and algae. These contaminants can spread and degrade the decking but are removed effectively with white vinegar and water.

Document Any Deck Issues

Take notes on damage to your decking beyond minor cracks and chips. While small cracks are normal and easy to repair, you may need professional assistance if you find severe cracks. The most damaging cracks are the ones that are caused by structural problems or improper installation. Prolonged exposure to moisture can contribute to and accelerate structural damage. Be aware that an uneven surface is dangerous because it can cause someone to trip.

Remove Large Items from the Pool

It's crucial to make sure your entire pool area meets safety standards. You cannot allow the deck to get cluttered with items that people can trip over. It's a good idea to move planters and furniture away from the deck during winter so that they don't build up residue or stain the concrete. It's ok to reset these large items for summer as long as you periodically clean around them. If you have large furniture on your deck that's too heavy to move, it's better to hire professionals to move it than to injure your back.

Clean the Pool and Deck

Your pool needs to be cleaned regularly to be safe for swimming. You can remove dirt and other debris from the surface and pores using a pressure washer, blower, or brush. Scrubbing the concrete periodically yields better results than just rinsing with the hose. Be aware that power washing a wooden deck can chip the paint and lead to more damage.

If the surface is difficult to clean due to extensive grime or rust, consider hiring a pool specialist who can give it a power wash and sealant where needed. A thorough scrubbing with safe cleaning materials that don't degrade your deck will make it look shiny and new again. An expert can also remove chemical stains that can potentially cause dangerous chemical reactions.

Get Professional Guidance

There are various reasons to hire a deck waterproofing specialist to repair or upgrade your pool deck. You may simply want to upgrade it to give your property a fresh appearance. A common renovation idea is to match your deck and pool with your home's exterior design. Another idea is to add a design theme to your yard such as a tropical or nostalgic appearance. An experienced deck waterproofing pro can also apply a high-quality deck coating to the surface that prevents it from feeling uncomfortable on the hottest days.

Learn more about waterproof deck repair to make your deck more attractive and resilient. Deck waterproofing is an important step to reducing maintenance issues in the future and getting your pool deck ready for summer.