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Decorating your Deck: Modern Chic

Pembrook Nelson
November 20, 2017

One of the hardest things about decorating a deck, is deciding how you want the area to be decorated. There are vast amounts of styles to consider and each will determine the different ways that the deck should be decorated from the color palette to the furnishings. One possible option, is the modern chic look. This laid back yet clean and sophisticated style is an option that provides limitless possibilities. It’s easy to adjust to personal preferences and can suit any space. Read on to learn more about creating a modern chic space for your outdoor deck. If you are looking for a more comfortable feel, you’ll want to pick out cozy furnishings. Make sure your chairs have pillows for example. You may even want to consider a small love seat on the deck if you have the space. Feel free to add a couple throw blankets as well to add to the cozy environment. If, however, you are looking for something more modern, you’ll want to have clean lines and solid colors for your patterns. One option is adding a swinging rocking bench painted in a solid color. For more of a modern feel, go with black and white colorings. For example, black furnishings, tables and pots will pair nicely with a solid colored pillow for pop as well as green plants that you can add around the deck. When it comes to plants, consider selecting low maintenance plants that will be easy to maintain. Low maintenance plants need only a little water and are cost effective. While these plants don’t need a lot to keep up, they’ll add color, texture and movement to your deck. Some low maintenance plants you can choose from include burgundy cordylines and succulents while evergreen vines and variegated plants can provide contrasting colors and textures without having to plant flowers which are more require more maintenance. These are just some things to consider when choosing how you will decorate your deck.