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Deck Decorating Tips for the Winter

Ariana Sanchez
November 13, 2015

Now that the colder months are upon us, some homeowners might believe that they will be unable to use their deck. While outdoor decks experience a lot of use during the summer months, there are a few things you can do to make your deck a welcoming and comfortable place to relax during the colder months as well. 

The first thing you should do to prepare for the transition of seasons is to remove all the furniture and other items from your deck. Once this is done, you can thoroughly clean the surface of your deck and see whether or not there are any damages that you might need to fix. Catching minor damages now will save you money in the long run. This may also be a good time to retain and seal your deck as well. One way of knowing whether or not you should get your deck waterproofed again is to pour a few drops of water on the deck. If the water beads up and rolls off, your deck does not need to be waterproofed. But if the wood simply absorbs the water, it might be time to get it waterproofed again. 

Once this is finished, you can work on winter decorations for your deck. Acquire plants and flowers that are suitable to colder weather as well as plant containers that will last through the winter season. Perennials are a good option as they often have attractive foliage during the cooler months. To dress up your furniture, be sure to add lots of pillows and blankets to your outdoor setup. In addition, having a portable fire pit is a great way to extend the time you can use your deck, even when the weather starts to get cooler. 

This winter, use these ideas for decorating your deck and don’t miss out on opportunities to use your deck. If you're deck needs to be resurfaced or you want to add a decorative coat, contact West Coast Deck Waterproofing and ask for a quote.