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How to Best Protect your Deck this Winter

Jenn Tolson
October 26, 2012

An important priority for many homeowners is protecting their investment by keeping their home as clean and well-maintained as possible. Plumbing, landscaping, and remodeling are just a few common things that homeowners seek to improve when it comes to maintaining the look and functionality of their homes. But what about deck maintenance? Protecting one’s deck is one of the most overlooked responsibilities as a homeowner. Decks provide the perfect place to hold barbecue parties and family gatherings. However, decks don’t always stay as pristine and beautiful as initially built; rather it becomes deteriorated and old throughout the years if not taken care of properly. There are many factors that can damage your deck, which is why is important to keep your deck protected especially during this coming winter. Weather does some major damage to decks especially wood decks which is the primary building source. Sun, wind, snow and rain are all contributing factors to the deterioration of decks. To avoid the harmful conditions caused by the weather it is vital that you hire a professional deck waterproofing specialist who will not only relieve the problem but help you avoid this problem in the future. Here is some useful information about how rain and snow can affect the longevity of your decks.


Winter means the arrival of heavy rainfall and even snow in some areas. It also means the need to protect your deck from extreme water damage. With winter on its way we need to start finding a deck waterproofing contractor that will apply the necessary deck coatings and sealers to preserve the deck’s surface from rainfall. Water can be extremely harmful when exposed to wooden decks. This is because water has the ability to weaken the wood’s property by stripping out the edges and causing rot and mold. Most homeowners don’t know how to deal with this dilemma so they turn to experts to help them quickly and effectively solve these issues. Deck waterproofing experts have the tools and skills to seal, coat, and waterproof decks. Deck sealing is a standard procedure and should be done every year to ensure that water does not seep through or cause further water damage. 


Moisture from snow puts a great amount of stress on wood as it causes water to penetrate through the unprotected surface as well as cause cracking and warping. Nails became unstable causing the deck board to shift and at times collapse. Many homeowners think that shoveling snow away from their decks would solve this problem. However, simply shoveling snow away from your deck does not completely protect the deck from mildew and mold. A more effective way of protecting your deck from snow is by applying a protective finish to the deck’s surface. There are different types of protective coatings that will essentially repel water without discoloring the wood. Again, you will need professionals like West Coast Deck Waterproofing to properly apply the deck coatings and sealers.With the damaging effects of rain and snow, make it a priority to keep your decks well protected. Hiring a professional with an active contractor’s license is recommended to get the best results. Deck maintenance is essential to protect the beauty of your home, so start cleaning and protecting your deck from the winter months ahead.