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Cleaning & Maintaining Concrete Floors

Kevin Marshall
December 4, 2015

There are many benefits to having concrete floors. Concrete is a sturdy material that is also cost efficient so you do not have to worry about spending too much money. Concrete is a popular option to use in garages, especially when it is coated with epoxy. Applying an epoxy coat to your floor has many benefits. An epoxy coating adds extra strength and durability to the floor as well as making it nearly scratch resistant. This is helpful when it comes to garages as many things are often dropped or dragged in garages. Another great benefit to having an epoxy coat is that it makes cleaning and maintaining concrete floors especially easy. 

One of the most common stains on garage floors are oil stains. With an epoxy coat, cleaning oil stains as well as stains from other materials is easy. Foam mops are particularly useful and do a good job of cleaning the floor. Nearly any floor cleaner can be used, however, it is important to avoid using a cleaner with acids such as citrus cleaners or vinegar as this will start to wear away the coat. Small spills can simply be wiped away with a paper towel or soft cloth. 

Routine maintenance for a floor with epoxy coating is rather easy. Epoxy coatings means that dust or dirt will not stick to floor. This also means that sweeping with a broom or wiping dust away with a dust mop once a week will efficiently clean the floor. Doing this is a great way to keep your floor looking clean at all times. Washing the floors once a month is also recommended. With tough stains or spills, you might have to scrub it away with a scrubbing pad, cleaning solution, and warm water but this can be done with relative ease. With epoxy coating on your cement floor, you won’t have to worry about unsightly stains since cleaning is now made easy. If your coat has worn down over time, contact or certified installers and request a quote to have your floors resurfaced.