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Best Seasons to Waterproof Your Deck

Daliah Okoro
May 25, 2018

If you’re a homeowner, one of the most important things you can do to help keep the integrity of your home is to have your home waterproofed, specifically your deck. Waterproofing or sealing your deck is the number one way to help keep it in excellent condition. If you’re sealing a deck for the first time, you’ll probably want some waterproofing tips. One such tip is to consider the timing of when you should waterproof your deck.

When you waterproof your deck, not only are you investing in your home, you are also investing in the well being of loved ones. It’s important to waterproof your deck because when wooden decks are not waterproofed, they become damaged from water and even from UV rays from the sun. When a deck gets water damage, it can often lead to cracks and splinters in the floorboards and even dry rot. Additionally, with dry rot, not only does it ruin the floorboards, it also leads to ruining the integrity of the deck. If the dry rot spreads through various areas of the deck, it can make it weak and with prolonged weight to the deck, the deck might even collapse. In order to prevent injuries to loved ones and to help keep the property value on your home from dipping, waterproofing your deck is a good place to start.

Now that you know about the importance of waterproofing your deck, the next thing is to determine when you should waterproof it. One of the most important things that must take place when getting your deck waterproofed is that the deck must be dry. Even before that though, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Sweeping and washing the deck down are things that should take place before the sealant is added. After that, a period of about 2 to 3 days to have the deck completely dry out is needed. In total, you’ll need about 5 to 6 days of good, sunny weather. Additionally, many sealants require a temperature below 85 degrees Fahrenheit in order to make sure the sealant properly works. Given these facts, late spring to early summer is one of the best times to waterproof your deck.