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Home Waterproofing Tips to Try

Kevin Marshall
April 13, 2018

Waterproofing your home is a big step to ensuring the future safety of your home. While sometimes homeowners put waterproofing off for some time later in the future, this is not a good idea in the long run. When you make the decision to waterproof your home, you might be thinking, ‘where can I find deck waterproofing contractors near me?’ and this is a good place to start because deck waterproofing contractors can help you waterproof your home. Waterproofing your home means saving money in the long run and doing what you can to ensure the integrity of your home. If you don’t know where to start, here are some home waterproofing tips. The first thing you’ll need to decide is what are you going to waterproof? If you have a basement, it will be a good idea to start with waterproofing that, but if your home doesn’t have one, consider waterproofing your outdoor deck. Whether your deck is made from wood or concrete, your home will only benefit from getting it waterproofed. Once you decide what will be waterproofed, you will generally need to clean and clear out the space that is getting waterproofed. If you have storage in your basement, you’ll have to move things around and find temporary homes for items so that the contractors can do proper work. The same goes for your deck. In order to properly waterproof the deck, the area needs to be cleared out. Furniture, planters, and other items need to be removed from the deck. Additionally, you should expect that the contractors will have to clean the area as well. In order for proper waterproofing to take place, the surface needs to be clean and without any dust or dirt to the get in the way of the binding process. Finally, don’t rush the process. The surface needs to be completely dry before you can go back to regular use of your deck or basement. Be sure your contractor gives the go ahead before further use.