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5 Unique Backyard Lighting Ideas

Steve Thompson
February 18, 2022

Your backyard is like part of your private dream world. It should reflect your tastes and what makes you comfortable. Lighting plays a significant role in your backyard's appearance at night when people like to have summer gatherings. Here are 5 unique backyard lighting ideas to consider for creating a special ambiance.

1. String Lights Hanging from Roof Corners

The unique backyard lighting you choose for your decks will set a tone for backyard gatherings. The reason string lights are suitable for various outdoor applications is because they add enough light to a deck without creating glare. Prior to installing new lighting to a roof deck, you should first inspect the deck's condition to see if you need roof deck leak repair. Then hang string lights from the corners of your roof, which is an easy flexible solution.

2. Minimalistic String Lights

String lights are useful beyond the holidays, as they capture the same type of festive mood. They can be hung from a rooftop, on fencing, or wound through trees and plants. It's an affordable and easy way to bring life to a party. Hanging string lights can be done in countless ways. One method is to hang the lights from wooden poles erected in planters. The lights can be different colors, but using just white lights can generate an upbeat atmosphere.

3. Decorative Patio Torches

One of the most unique backyard lighting ideas is to emphasize patio torches. It can create a vacation resort feel and a sense of adventure. While the torch concept goes back to ancient times, there's a wide universe of torches to choose from. Tiki torches are effective for creating a back-to-nature feel. The various types of torches range from traditional bamboo poles to metal lanterns. Consider solar LED tiki torches for an efficient cost-saving solution.

4. Sustainable Staked Solar Lights

Among the most affordable types of lighting is an investment in waterproof solar lights. These lights can be found at discount stores. Each light has a built-in panel on top and a stake at the bottom for planting in the ground. These lights are useful along walkways and outline gardens. You simply point them toward the sun in the day and they provide free lighting at night. If you're looking for a simple way to go green, staked solar lights are a great start.

5. Elegant Pergola Lighting

When you have a nice-looking pergola, to begin with, almost any lighting solution will work. String lights can easily be hung from a pergola and provide an elegant appearance. If the pergola is surrounded by greenery, you have even more clever options for string lighting. For the most extravagant look possible, saturate the top of the pergola with white or gold string lights.


Unique lighting ideas help give your backyard a safe, creative, and comfortable feel. Use this list to inspire your own ideas for lighting arrangements that fit your home.