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The Importance of Subfloors

Jenn Tolson
May 31, 2013

Everyone walks on floors everyday without giving any thought to them. Under the surface, however, there is actually a lot going on. Floors need to be built on reliable structures in order to support weight and properly hold up. If floors are not built on reliable structures, they could easily collapse with too much pressure or weight. This is especially true of backyard decks. Though it is important for homeowners with decks to properly care for and maintain them, if the structure itself is not solid then all the deck maintenance in the world will not matter.

To start from the beginning, deck floors are built on top of either beams or joists. The subfloor is then built on top of these beams or joists. Though it would seem like the support for the deck floor would lie within the beams and the joists, it actually lies with the subfloor and how it connects with the beams and joists. The subfloor is the strength behind the deck floor. Since the subfloor is so important to the structure of the deck, it is best to use only the highest quality products. This is why we recommend using Desert Crete for Plywood Subfloors. There are advantages to using Desert Crete for your subfloor because the products are ICC certified, they meet all new code requirements, they have  a one hour fire resistance, and to top if off they have a number of decorative finishes available.It is best not to risk the safety of your home deck. If you will be purchasing a home deck in the near future, be sure to have a high quality plywood subfloor installed along with your deck. If you already have a home deck but the subfloor is in bad condition, you can always have it repaired. If your subfloor needs to be updated, consider hiring a professional Manhattan Beach deck waterproofing company, such as West Coast Deck Waterproofing to make sure the job is done correctly and professionally.