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The Best Choice?: Wooden Decks vs. Composite Decks

Kevin Marshall
June 27, 2014

If you are considering adding a deck to your home, there are a few things to consider. Namely, deciding between getting a wood deck or a composite deck. You must first ask yourself, “When choosing the right deck for my home, which deck is the best choice for me?” There are some differences between wooden decks and composite decks that will be explored in this article.

The first thing to know is what a composite deck is. Composite decks are eco-friendly as they are made from fibers, plastics, or recycled wood and sawdust. Because it is used with recycled wood, it still looks natural and is even mistaken for natural wood. A wooden deck however, is made from hardwood which has been pressure treated. Because the wood is more sturdy, it is often more resistant to insects, decay, and rot. For many, a large deciding factor is the cost of the deck. Composite decks are initially more expensive than a wooden deck. In the long run though, composite decks are actually more cost effective as it does not need as much maintenance as a wooden deck. With wooden decks, it is imperative to clean, paint, and seal them regularly or else they will be damaged by the elements. Composite decks do not need much maintenance. Simply sweeping or hosing it down will keep it in good condition.

There is also durability and strength to consider when deciding on a deck. Though wooden decks are made from durable slabs of wood, over time they will begin to splinter. This will make it dangerous to walk on, as well as making it not as aesthetically pleasing as it once was. Composite decks can withstand the elements without much maintenance, though they do have a tendency to stain, scratch, and fade over time. When it comes to the appearance of the two decks, composite decks come in a variety of colors. With wooden decks, the only color variations you have are in the different types of wood, which is more limited. You can however, paint the deck any color you wish. Even though better technology has made composite decks look authentic, wood decks have a natural and sophisticated beauty that is hard to compare to.

In the end, composite decks are a better choice over wooden decks. Even though they are initially more expensive, you will save money in the long run since it does not require much maintenance. Wooden decks, though they have natural beauty, deteriorate over time and require more care.