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The Benefits to Choosing Concrete Floors

Christine Lee
June 26, 2015

When choosing the type of material for your floors, you have a lot of options to consider. You can choose hardwood floors, granite, or carpet just to name a few. However, what people do not often realize is that cement can be a viable option for indoor flooring. While this may come as a surprise to many, since concrete is so often used for outdoor purposes, there are a number of benefits to choosing concrete floors. 

One of the biggest benefits of concrete flooring is the fact that it is so resilient and tough. In your home, floors receive a lot of traffic and thus eventually, wear and tear is seen. Often, with hardwood floors for example, it is left scuffed from moving furniture or from high heels or even scratches from pet claws. Concrete flooring though is more resistant and therefore much harder to damage. You will also find that you do not have to worry if you drop most items on it. Sometimes material such as granite or tile can become chipped or scratched but since concrete is so durable, it is much more difficult to significantly damage concrete. 

Another benefit is how easy it is to maintain. Unlike hardwood floors or carpet, concrete floors require a minimum amount of maintenance. You do not have to worry about applying special finishes regularly or hiring an outside company to come and clean the floor. Instead, you only have to have the floors sealed every 4-9 months depending on the level of traffic expected. Once you do that, you only have to worry about general cleaning that can be done from a broom and mop. 

There are also many design options when it comes to concrete. It is not just a boring grey surface as many may think. Instead, you can actually choose from a variety of colors and even design patterns. You even have the option of etching patterns into the concrete or creating the illusion of a faux tile effect. In addition, concrete is long lasting and due to the little maintenance that is required, it will save you money over the years.