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Supporting Building Safety Month 2022

Steve Thompson
May 6, 2022

Property owners should take an interest this May in Building Safety Month 2022, presented by the nonprofit organization the International Code Council (ICC). It will bring property owners up to date on the latest building codes. These codes are necessary to be adequately and safely prepared for disasters such as fire and flooding. Here are some of the main highlights that will be discussed for Building Safety Month 2022.

How to Support Building Safety

The best way to support building safety is by educating people in your community. You can direct their attention to online resources such as BuildingSafetyMonth.org, which provides safety tips and materials to promote safety campaigns. You can also request local officials to sign a proclamation that supports building safety. Additionally, you can distribute literature on building safety to people in your networks.

Understanding New Building Codes

Building codes are updated periodically to ensure new construction meets the latest safety standards. In places where building codes are strictly enforced, it's essential for property owners to learn these codes and meet their requirements. Failing to be up to code and then experiencing a disaster that injures people can lead to high fines and litigation costs.

The four areas the ICC will focus on throughout May 2022 are:

  1. Week 1. Planning for a Sale & Sustainable Tomorrow (May 1-8)
  2. Week 2. Exploring Careers in Building Safety (May 9-15)
  3. Week 3. Understanding Disaster Mitigation (May 16-22)
  4. Week 4. Creating a Safe & Abundant Water Supply (May 23-31)

Importance of Building Safety Month

The ICC has been celebrating Building Safety Month for over four decades. It has helped building owners and the public become more aware of safety and sustainability as well as affordability and durability. Thanks to the distribution of building safety information, modern buildings and homes are usually designed to resist extreme environmental conditions.

Buildings and homes are becoming more resilient to adverse forces. Many contemporary structures are now designed with fireproof and waterproof materials. Building Safety Month has influenced safer structures across various industries and government offices. Business owners are becoming more cognizant of how building safety can be improved and how structures can be maintained to be more sustainable.

Preparing for Disaster

Every building should be equipped with an emergency kit that helps building officials deal with disasters immediately. The kit should include first aid supplies, water, and a flashlight. The more well-prepared a building is for a disaster, the less likely it will be destroyed by one. It helps not just building officials, but an entire staff to know what procedures to take in the event of an emergency.

Homeowners can prepare for severe storms by moving outdoor furniture to a secure location and bringing in loose items such as potted plants. High winds can cause such items to go flying, creating dangerous conditions. Using surge protective devices (SPDs) helps protect electronic equipment from being damaged by electrical surges.


Learn more about building safety month 2022 and how to spot below grade waterproofing. Preparing your home or building properly for extreme weather is one of the keys to achieving longevity.