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SoCal Pool Landscaping Ideas

Steve Thompson
May 21, 2021

Rethinking your backyard pool landscaping helps you keep moving toward your dreams without leaving your home. Many homeowners change their minds at some point on what to do with their backyards. Some people like to adjust the time for the summer or fall seasons when they plan outdoor gatherings. Outdoor kitchens or barbecues are still trendy ideas.

Some ways you can freshen up your backyard's appearance include adding more plants, lighting, or a patio. If you have the budget for this type of renovation, consider adding LEDs to your pool, deck, and surrounding areas. One way to cut down on the electric bill is to install solar-powered lights. Here are some helpful Southern California pool landscaping ideas to consider for this summer.


Many people love plants covering their patio decks, which means constant watering. With so much regular exposure to water, it's helpful to invest in waterproof stairs that you won't have to replace every dozen years.

Waterproofing prevents dry not damage that occurs when wood gets moist over an extended period. Another significant advantage to waterproofing is that it creates a safer environment for your home, with fewer chances of people slipping on stairs.

Surrounding your backyard deck with plants is understandable, considering how much they contribute to a healthy physical and mental environment. A deck full of plants is an excellent reminder of how much people need to pay attention to nature. The color green is often psychologically associated with peace, comfort, and relaxation. So making sure your pool landscaping includes plenty of greenery is essential.


If you want your backyard to look as modern as possible, use LED lighting in multiple places. It's a practical and aesthetic solution for any season. In addition to being low maintenance, outdoor LEDs are durable, more energy-efficient than conventional lights, and shine brighter. Additionally, these modern lights are eco-friendly and help create a warm atmosphere.

The beauty of LEDs is they can be arranged thousands of different ways with multiple colors, allowing you to apply your design skills creatively to enhance your property. The combination of LEDs, trees or plants, and stone comprise both classic and contemporary styles. Add a table, chairs, and other scenery like fountains, and you've got a backyard designed for memorable occasions.

Decks & Patios

Installing a deck or patio is an excellent idea if you plan to have regular visitors at your home. Either concept creates a relaxing atmosphere separate from the pool area yet part of the same ecosystem. When you install a deck, it's best to get it weatherproofed from the beginning. Homeowners going for extra space are installing two-story decks. Another popular trend with decks and patios involves basing the plan on a sustainable design for easy maintenance.

People who enjoy outdoor gatherings are contemplating large seating areas for their patios or decks. Investing in comfortable deck furniture is an essential part of making your home feel like home to others. Setting up an outdoor bar helps create the sensation of a pleasant backyard atmosphere.


Use these Southern California pool landscaping ideas as a starting point for your exploration into the possibilities for your backyard. These days homeowners are moving in the direction of customization to make long-term dreams materialize. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing to learn more about how to make your backyard look more modern and attractive.