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Determine the Right Process for Pool Deck Resurfacing

Kevin Marshall
May 14, 2014

With the summer months quickly approaching, it is a time for many people to get together for BBQ’s and swimming in the pool. With all the company that you will probably have over, you may want to consider resurfacing your pool deck. In the past, many homeowners were forced to choose between aesthetics and cost, as anything other than having a concrete slab was very expensive. Now, as technology improves and costs are lower than ever before, you do not have to sacrifice the idea of having the pool deck you've always wanted.

If you are interested in re-surfacing your pool deck, you should know about this latest technology. Companies and pool deck resurfacing services now use engineered concrete or concrete and polymer mixtures that, when placed over your current pool deck, can be as thin as a credit card! This means that you now have a cost effective way to get the deck you’ve always wanted without having to completely tear up and redo your deck. Many of your options have also been engineered to create decks that dry super quickly, which means you can get back to enjoying your pool without having to wait around for construction to be completed. Often, you can be the owner of a brand new pool deck in as little as a day.

With this new technology, you can also have the opportunity to do something more than just your typical plain concrete slab. For example, if you always wanted the look of stone in your backyard, a system can be used that allows the technician to stamp or stencil onto the wet cement so that it will dry looking like stone. Other additions can be added, such as various colors and slip resistance to your pool deck, making the area safe for all your family and friends. In addition, these new technologies are all weather proof and will be able to withstand the general wear and tear of being a high traffic area, as well as the natural swelling and contractions that occur with the temperature. At the same time, if your pool deck has many large cracks, it may be advised to install a new surface completely rather than just a new thinner layer on top. In the end, this method will be more cost effective.