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Romantic Deck Ideas

Kevin Marshall
February 7, 2020

As much as you love your significant other, you might not want to spend every night cooped up inside your home. Thanks to the high temperatures and mild weather, homeowners in Southern California can head outside any night and soak up the atmosphere around them. You can curl up together on an outdoor sofa and talk about your day or look through a telescope as you watch for shooting and falling stars. Whether you're married, engaged or in a serious relationship, now is a good time to see how you can improve the mood and create a romantic environment on your deck.

Add a Firepit

While summer nights in California are warm, cold snaps can come through at any time. With a firepit, you can create the perfect place to cuddle up and stay warm. These pits come in different styles that can match the mood you want to set or the look of your outdoor space. You might choose one that uses natural stones to match the landscaping in your backyard or one with a decorative metal exterior that adds a touch of elegance to the space. It's helpful to use matching furniture to give you and your special someone a place to sit.

Protect the Deck

One reason you might spend more time inside than out is that you worry about damaging the deck. Spilling a glass of wine or a cup of coffee can stain the wood and create a spot that you see every time you go outside. With deck waterproofing, you can protect the deck from stains. Some of the benefits of waterproofing include making your deck last longer and retaining its beautiful appearance. The best waterproofing methods will keep the original color of the wood but will add a protective layer to the surface.

Add Lighting

With the light pollution around Los Angeles and surrounding cities, it's often hard to see the sky and stars. Depending on where you live, you might find that you don't have enough light outside too. Adding strobe or motion lights can interfere with the mood that you want to set, but other types of lighting can create a romantic mood. With this romantic deck idea, you'll want to choose lights that add to the atmosphere. This might include tea lights that you place around the edges of the deck or scented candles that remind you of your first date or a special moment you once shared.

Don't Forget Linens

A romantic deck idea that you can try to set the mood is to use soft, luxurious linens. Who knows, maybe a super-comfy cashmere blanket draped over a deck swing might even make your partner want to curl up and snuggle with you and a bottle of wine. You can also add some soft pillows with microfiber covers that are easy to clean and let you get comfy together. To add a finishing touch, you can add some drapes or curtains to block off a portion of the deck from prying eye. With these ideas, you'll have no problem creating a romantic outdoor space on your deck.