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Proper Care After Epoxy Coating Your Garage Floors

Daliah Okoro
July 28, 2016

If you have an epoxy coating for your garage floors, congratulations on an excellent product. Epoxy coating not only adds durability to your floor, but it also adds a high-quality finish, is easy to maintain, and prepping for epoxy is not too difficult. Here are some proper care tips on how to clean epoxy coated floors

One of the advantages of an epoxy coating is how easy cleaning up messes becomes. In garages, it is typical for oils and other chemicals to spill leaving unsightly stains. However, that is not something that you have to worry about with an epoxy coating. For minor spills, including oil drips from cars, all you have to do to clean up the mess is simply wipe it away with a soft cloth or paper towel. To keep things clean, simply sweep or dust mop the floor once a week since dirt and dust do not stick to the floor. Sometimes, minor stains might occur such as rust stains. If this occurs, light scrubbing may be required, which can easily be done with an ordinary kitchen scrubbing pad. However, it is important to know that abrasive cleaning chemicals such as Comet should not be used as it may wear away the coating. 

Maintenance for your epoxy coating is easy as well. Many owners only wash the floor a few times a year to maintain the sheen of their coating. One of the best products to use for this is a hard foam mop. Strip mops should not be used as they do not clean as well and they often leave streaks as well. A simple cleaning solution that is safe to use on the floor is ½ cup ammonia per 1 gallon of hot water. Simply put it in a bucket and use with a foam mop. Afterward, remember to rinse thoroughly and foam squeegees work well to get rid of any excess water. Follow these simple steps to keep your epoxy coating looking like new! 

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