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Pool Resurfacing and Remodeling Ideas

Steve Thompson
January 15, 2021

Homeowners sometimes need pool resurfacing & remodeling ideas to upgrade their backyard experience. When a pool's surface gets chipped, the finish fades, or the deck becomes worn or cracked, resurfacing can contribute to a fresh appearance. Here are essential points to remember about pool and backyard renovation ideas.

When to Get Your Pool & Deck Resurfaced

Once a pool reaches ten years of age, there may be a need to replace tiles degraded by acid washing. Resurfacing involves adding a new finish over the pool's surface. It's essential to have an expert regularly inspect the surface and decking to identify safety or maintenance issues. When cracks start forming in the pool, it's time to consider pool resurfacing & remodeling ideas.

Adding a deck to the backyard is common among homeowners who host social gatherings for friends and family members. The decking can complement the pool area to showcase backyard diversity. The best time to build a deck is in the winter because you can usually get better pricing on materials and labor since this is the slow season.

Renovation Beyond Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing is just one way to upgrade your backyard, as there are many other concepts to explore for making your pool look more unique, classic, or modern. Installing underwater LED lights adds energy-efficient lighting, while a logic controller helps refine color and intensity. Another idea is to install surface tiles that glow at night. If you want to get even more artistic, a rocky waterfall backdrop can capture attention and generate endless positive comments.

Homes that are hosts to regular parties are ideal sites for a firepot or firepit and stone imagery to create a cozy, warm atmosphere with hypnotic flames. Custom stone decking or acrylic polymers are other options to consider, as they give your property a sophisticated appearance. Homeowners who want to get more elaborate and picturesque while maintaining a natural look can add canals full of pebbles to the decking.

Many options are available for color, patterns, and textures to enhance your pool deck’s appearance. You can mix metalized colored glitter in the grout for your pool tiles for a more sparkling look. Custom designs can simulate brick, limestone, wood, and other natural materials. Keep in mind that dark colors absorb more heat in the summer, while light colors provide cooler surfaces by comparison.

Another renovation idea is to update outdoor furniture. Over time nice looking wooden tables can get chipped or worn out by environmental conditions. Upgrading to waterproof and weather-resistant materials moves toward sustainability, in which homeowners are increasingly gaining interest. Retired couples particularly want long-term solutions, so they don't have to worry about frequent maintenance.

Mixing Sunshine with Shade

Ultimately backyards, pools, and patios are meant to be enjoyed in the sunny months from spring through fall. But even with a pool, some people want to escape the heat without getting wet. To accommodate them, you can create shade with umbrellas, which can be useful in the rainy season.

Consider installing a stylized pergola, a shaded walkway, or a sitting area for even more impressive aesthetics. Wooden pergolas are incredibly earthy when they are surrounded by natural green scenery. You might even want to grow a garden near the pergola with selected plants that add diversity to your outdoor views. The blending of natural elements with modern construction conveys a stunning balance that appeals to the eye.


Exploring pool resurfacing & remodeling ideas is something every homeowner with a pool should consider at least once every decade. Expressive backyard ambiance makes a home more creative and comfortable for residents and visitors.