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Pool and Deck Maintenance Tips for HOAs

Steve Thompson
July 15, 2022

California has declared public pools to include those within private homeowner associations (HOAs), as many of these community properties must be upgraded to current codes. When swimming pools get old they begin to crack and need repair. Here are some essential pool and deck maintenance tips for HOAs.

Make a Pool Deck Maintenance Checklist

One of the most important pool and deck maintenance tips for HOAs is to create a customized maintenance checklist and schedule. An HOA should emphasize pool safety as a top priority. All areas of the pool should be inspected periodically for potential hazards and to ensure first aid is available. As for pool equipment, it's critical to make sure that pumps and filters work properly and that the lining is in good shape. Other checklist items include chemical monitoring and removing pool debris.

Get Your Pool Deck Assessed for Code Compliance

Find out if HOA pool decking is up to code and complies with California Department of Health requirements by hiring an experienced licensed inspector. HOAs that are not compliant with current codes and new statewide regulations related to pool decking can face heavy fines. It's crucial that all public pools are maintained properly for safety reasons and to avoid penalties.

Pool Deck Waterproofing

Do deck installers need to be licensed? Yes! It is essential that HOAs hire only licensed and insured deck waterproofing contractors to assure the work is done correctly and to code. While hiring unlicensed vendors may save money in the short term, if something goes wrong it could result in a huge financial liability for both the HOA and property management company.

Pool Repair Warning Signs

While every swimming pool is unique and customized for its property, the following signs of wear and tear can affect any pool:

  1. Structural issues
  2. Concrete product defects
  3. Visible cracks and chips
  4. Exposed rusted rebar
  5. Damage from UV rays

Consider a Variable Speed Pump

Installing a variable speed pump can save energy by as much as seventy-five percent compared with a single-speed pump. A certified contractor will ensure that the variable speed pump is calibrated for efficiency.

Use Automated Chemical Controls

The best way to make sure a pool has the right balance of chemicals is to use an automated chemical control system equipped with sensors. This technology monitors chemical levels, tests the water, and injects the appropriate amount of chemicals into the pool when necessary. While these systems may cost a few thousand dollars, they can simplify pool maintenance and cut chemical costs by nearly a third over time.

Install Solar Hot Water Panels

The cleanest and most efficient way to heat a swimming pool is with solar energy. In the ideal configuration, a solar panel is installed on the facility's roof overlooking the pool area. Even though upfront costs are in the thousands, an HOA can see ROI within 18 months. In many cases, the initial cost of solar can be offset through federal and state incentive programs.


When it comes to pool deck waterproofing, it's best to stick with experienced experts who will do the work properly the first time. If your HOA needs deck waterproofing services, request a quote from the deck waterproofing pros at West Coast Deck Waterproofing today.