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Is Your Deck El Niño Ready?

Pembrook Nelson
January 25, 2016

While the winter and early spring months can have your deck and weather issues, with El Niño right around the corner, it is important to get your deck El Niño ready. With heavier rains than usual it’s important that your deck can face all the added water, especially since water damage can be expensive to fix down the road. The best defense against El Nino is preparation. Here’s how to protect your deck from the rain & get your deck El Niño ready. 

El Niño is a natural phenomenon where the temperature of the Pacific Ocean warms. This causes more moisture in the air as well as heavy rains. The best way to protect your deck through this is to get it waterproofed. One way that you can tell it is time to get your deck waterproofed is if it is slippery when wet.  A deck that is properly waterproofed should not be slippery when wet. There are also different types of anti-slip grip that you can choose from. If you have a roof deck, there are other things to consider. Often, during the hot summer months, the sun can cause the roof of your deck to bubble. During winter, the added moisture can get under the surface of the roof where it can cause serious damage. Making sure that your deck roof is properly waterproofed is also very important. 

You’ll also want to clean your deck and make sure there are no major cracks on the surface. If there is, this may cause future damage as the water can seep inside the cracks and create problems further down the road. If you have any furniture on your outdoor deck, it would be advisable to bring them in for the winter. If you do not have room in a garage for example, be sure to cover them with waterproof material. Outdoor furniture is expensive so it is best to protect your furniture as well during this rainy season. Call for a Quote today!