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Is Your Contractor Licensed?

Daliah Okoro
December 20, 2019

Are you thinking of doing some work on your home? Whether you’re planning on making renovations to your outdoor deck or remodeling your outdoor space, you’ll probably need a contractor. The decision that most homeowners make is whether to hire a licensed or unlicensed contractor. To help guide your decision making process, see if our process can help inform your decision and check out these common differences between a licensed vs unlicensed contractor. 

Having a License

This might seem obvious, but it is an important thing to consider. A contractor who is licensed will have had to gone through proper education and tests to ensure they meet quality standards. Someone who is not licensed, has not gone through the same tested standards. 

The Price

While an unlicensed contractor may offer you a cheaper price, you may have to pay more in the long run. The price of using an unlicensed contractor includes using lower quality products, which means you may have to pay more in the long run to get things re-done or fixed. While you may pay more upfront with a licenced contractor, you’re getting better quality products as well as a higher quality of work. 


Did you know that licensed contractors can’t obtain permits? Many cities have various restrictions on housing projects and require permits to be obtained. If you hire an unlicensed contractor and need a permit, you could get into trouble with the city government. 


Licensed contractors also have insurance. This is important because if you hire unlicensed workers and they get hurt on the job, you’ll be in charge of paying their medical bills. Licensed contractors have liability for their works and can offer workers compensation should anyone get hurt on the job.