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Importance of Upkeep for Magnesite Flooring

Kevin Marshall
September 20, 2013

When well looked after, magnesite is a beautiful, distinctive floor covering which is resilient to general daily activity and can last for many years. If it is not treated properly, however, it can become less attractive – and a well maintained magnesite floor covering can significantly raise the value of the house should it be made available for sale. In the 1940s and 1950s, magnesite was incredibly popular in the home, used in kitchens because it is resilient to oil spills and can be easily cleaned. It could also be pigmented to different colors and laid in attractive patterns in the hallway or up the staircase for a stylish effect. The unique colorings and mixing of minerals to create effects ranging from a translucent coating, a milky-white shade or textures imitating marble and terrazzo look stunning with true vintage styling throughout the home. Letting the floor make a statement alongside iron hand rails and artisan detailing will add both assertive strong stylistic purpose while also adding value and benefiting future owners.

In many locations, the magnesite flooring has been damaged by nails or screws used to fix a carpet onto its surface. Tastes changed as time moved forwards into the 1960s and 1970s, and carpet became the floor covering of preference. Areas damaged with nail marks and chips will need to be refilled by a professional to restore their former glory, but this is not always an expensive task. Being a mixture of calcined magnesite with a magnesium chloride solution and a filler such as sawdust or wood flour, magnesite can be susceptible to damp problems. These cracks or nail holes are access points, where moisture could travel underneath the surface to cause serious issues. Where there is damage, areas of the floor are cut away so that new magnesite can be poured in to seal the gap. This can then be painted and dyed to color match the rest of the flooring or the tile pattern, and will be undetectable when complete.

For general maintenance, hire Orange County deck specialist, and keep in mind it is incredibly important to understand how to clean magnesite without causing damage. In most general terms, treat the floor in a similar way to a wooden surface. It needs to be cleaned with non oil products. As part of maintenance, oil residues need to be removed. It is also important to avoid acidic or harsh alkali products as these will cause deterioration. Choose mild detergents and clean the floor regularly. The upkeep of magnesite flooring is important for maintaining it's beautiful look.