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How to Make your Deck your Kid's Favorite Play Space

Christine Lee
November 30, 2017

Figuring out the deck installation price is not the only thing you need to do when it comes to getting a deck makeover. When considering how to give your deck a makeover, you need to first consider what you want to get out of the space. Will it be somewhere fun where you and your friends can have barbecues or a cozy area to read a book? If you have kids, another great way to use the space is by turning the deck into your kid’s favorite play area. One thing to consider when figuring out how to make your outdoor space kid friendly is getting a large picnic table for the outdoor deck. At the table, you can do fun, camp style arts and crafts. Doing these activities outdoors as opposed to inside the house means your kids can be as messy as they’d like and you don’t need to worry about them getting the house dirty. Additionally, doing fun activities outdoors helps to break up the routine of staying in doors. Another fun idea to consider is adding a hammock to your deck. A hammock is an easy and often inexpensive addition to your background that can add lots of fun. Whether your kids want to swing on the hammock or get a little relaxation in, a hammock is an excellent addition to any deck. If your kids love watching movies, than you’ll definitely want to consider setting up an outdoor movie experience. Setting this up is easier than you might expect. Simply purchase a projector and you’re ready to go! You can project the movie on the wall of your house or garage. If you don’t want to get a projector screen, you can also hang up a white sheet and that will work as well. Set up chairs or blankets, bring out some popcorn and your kids are sure to love a movie night outdoors!