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How to Care For Your Deck

Christine Lee
May 1, 2020

Decks are one of the best ways to upgrade your backyard. With low-cost materials and construction, you can create the perfect outdoor living space or entertainment zone. It's a way to open up your dining area for beautiful days outdoors. However, deck care is an essential step to maintaining the appearance, safety, and durability of your new living space. Dirt, algae, moss, termites, cracks, and splinters can easily be prevented. For example, planter waterproofing can prevent algae and mold from spreading to your deck.

So what do you need for deck maintenance? Here is a quick guide:

How to Care for Your Deck

These quick, simple steps can help you maintain your deck for many years without having to stress about treatments and complicated pesticides. You can clean your deck naturally and safely to prevent many issues.

Wash Your Deck

When a deck goes unwashed, opportunities abound for mold and mildew. You also need to clean out debris from cracks, joists, and other tight areas. These lead to more opportunities for mold, mildew, algae, and more issues. Using a putty knife, you can easily remove debris from these tight areas.

As you are cleaning, you also want to protect plants by covering them. You also have to move patio furniture out of the way. Using a water hose with a high-pressure nozzle, you can also quickly clean away debris, discoloration, algae, and other problems.

Cleaning Your Deck

There are a variety of deck cleaners out there that you can use to clean a wood deck while also preventing new mold growth. Standard deck cleaners work well to get rid of mold and mildew. If you have a composite deck, then you will need a unique, specific cleaner for these materials.

It's best to clean your deck when it's not too sunny, as you don't want the cleaner to evaporate before you finish—using a garden sprayer or hose or a wide bristled broom to spread and scrub your deck.

Sealing Your Deck

Cleaning your deck is one part of maintenance. The second part is preventative. Sealers and stains can help you improve the quality and color of a wood deck. It allows the natural grain to shine through. There are several stains and toners out there, but the best ones prevent damage from weather and mold.

To seal your deck, you want to clean and sand your deck first, then replace any bad nails and screws before applying the sealant. You will need a roller to seal in your deck.

Next Steps: How to Care for Your Deck

One thing that can help your deck stay clean and stable is trimming nearby plants, such as trees with low-hanging branches or weeds growing up through the wood. You also don't want any leaves or other debris building up in the corners of your deck. If you see these issues or find mold growing around your planters on the deck, it's best to clean immediately.