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How the Various Weather of LA Affects Decks

Daliah Okoro
January 24, 2020

Los Angeles experiences a range of weather conditions. In addition to sunshine, rain is something you'll encounter. As a homeowner with a deck to protect, you need to make certain considerations to ensure that it doesn't get damaged because of its exposure to the elements. If you have a covered deck, you have less to worry about currently. If it isn't covered, however, you could experience a myriad of problems with the outdoor platform if you're not aware of how to prevent them.

This short guide goes over the different issues you could potentially run into with your deck while living in LA. It also gives you solutions on ways to take care of the problems before they have a chance to grow in magnitude and cost. If protecting your property is a priority, you'll want to extend your concern to your deck.

What Problems Will You Encounter With LA Weather and Your Deck

Many things go wrong with your deck. The weather can cause mold, mildew, and discoloration. All of these things create a great deal of trouble with your deck. It weakens the flooring, causes it to look unsightly, and poses structural issues.

Mold and mildew stain decks. If you see signs of any type of growth, you'll want to remove it right away to prevent further damage from being done. Investing in a special fungicide formulated for decks is one way to take care of the issue after it has occurred. Another is to create a solution consisting of a 1:3 ratio of bleach (or vinegar) and water.

What You Can Do to Prevent Issues With Your Deck

There are many things you can do to keep your deck protected. Carefully considering the type of material you've chosen for the platform's build is the first step in protecting it against the LA weather. Some materials are better suited for the outdoors and excessive sunshine.

Preserving the deck's material often involves using a sealant. It should be applied when the platform is first built and every year to two years following. Sealants are clear in color, so they don't compete with the stain that you've put on the deck. The substance creates a barrier between liquids such as water and the building material.

Materials that tend to buckle when exposed to wet conditions respond well to being sealed. Keeping a schedule that allows you to stay on top of purchasing sealant and having the deck treated prevents unnecessary damage caused by LA rainfall. When the boards buckle, the structure weakens, causing concern for the people and pets that stand on it.

If you want to know how to stop wooden planters from rotting, there are things you can do. Making sure that they have the proper drainage holes in the bottom of them helps tremendously. That way, excess water can run out of the planter to the ground when the plants are watered or get rained on. Treating the exterior of the planters with a water-proof sealant is another way to keep wood rot from occurring and destroying the containers.

Protect Your Deck Better Going Forward By Being Mindful of the Weather

Now that you know how the weather of LA affects decks, you can take precautionary measures to protect yours. Instead of taking a chance on the elements, you'll know what to do to ensure that the flooring remains structurally sound and attractive. Your deck will never become an eyesore that drags down the value of your property. Instead, it will be a source of joy and entertainment for you as you're able to host cookouts and get-togethers on it for years and years.