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How Often Should You Waterproof Your Deck?

Kevin Marshall
September 30, 2017

One of the joys of being a homeowner is having the opportunity to have an outdoor deck. Decks are great places for friends and family to socialize or just to relax and enjoy some time to yourself. However you choose to use your deck, there still is the fact that regular maintenance must be done on your deck. Regular maintenance includes washing the deck every so often but it also includes getting your deck waterproofed. Even if your deck has already been waterproofed once, it’s important to continue getting it waterproofed for proper upkeep.

You might be wondering just how often you should get your deck waterproofed. First, you should consider the difference between getting your deck sealed or waterproofed. While sealers do provide some degree of waterproofing, sealers don’t provide the same level of protection that waterproofing does. In the end, it’s more than just protecting your deck from water damage, you’re protecting your home as well. If a deck cannot shed water, that means moisture and dampness will be right up against your home. Continued moisture will eventually lead to mold and mildew forming on your walls and even the very foundation of your home.

The general rule of thumb is to get your deck waterproofed once a year, especially if you live in areas that see a lot of rainfall. Another thing to consider is whether or not you live in an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight year round. If this is the case, your deck will be exposed to harmful UV rays that may wash out the color of your deck so you may need to get it waterproofed sooner than once a year. A good test to determine whether or not it’s time to get your deck waterproofed again is to pour a few drops of water onto the wood. If the water droplets bead up then your deck is still properly waterproofed. However, if the water soaks into the wood, than your deck is no longer secured against the elements and it may be time to waterproof your deck again.