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Enjoy Your Deck All Summer Long

Pembrook Nelson
June 10, 2013

It’s finally summertime! Time to be outdoors in the beautiful Southern California sun, barbecuing with your family and friends and surrounding yourself with nature. Deck safety is an important matter to keep in mind because you never know what might happen or how long your deck could be out of commission during the weeks you want to use it the most! You might think you can waterproof your deck yourself but there really are a lot of matters to consider. Proper deck maintenance in the summer is an important aspect of owning a home, and if you aren't detailed enough or forget an important aspect of the cleaning, it might be worth it to simply hire a professional from the beginning!

Waterproofing your deck is a smart choice – even in SoCal where rain is minimal! The chemicals and elements in the air still affect the wood and because of this, special deck coatings are imperative. If you live near the beach, it rains more frequently and even light sprinkling can affect the color of the wood. Chances are your deck is exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun on a regular basis which also has a big impact. Another reason to hire a professional is that there are many ways along your waterproofing path of when you could ruin your wood by using the wrong cleaner or wrong material. Spend your time fixing up other areas of the house and let the deck waterproofing stay with the professionals!Spend this summer with your family and friends, not worrying about how to properly clean, scrub, and seal your deck. Leave it to the professional deck contractors in Los Angeles!