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Deck Friendly Plants That Won't Ruin The Deck

Jenn Tolson
January 21, 2022

Upgrading your outdoor scenery with deck-friendly plants can bring value and comfort to your home. A popular method to make your property greener is to add container gardens and planters. Just be aware that planters can ruin your deck if you don't take the proper steps with routine inspections. Here are ideas for eye-pleasing deck plants.

1. Periodically Inspect and Move Planters

Planters give you the option of moving your deck-friendly plants around, which protects your deck and gives your patio a fresh appearance. The main issue you should check is moisture buildup under the planter. This moisture can damage the deck with mildew, mold, and ring stains. But if you move the planters once a week, you'll be able to reduce the chances of water damage to your deck. Using plant stands or pot risers allows for airflow between plants and the deck's surface, which protects the deck and helps keep bugs away.

2. Choose Hanging Planters

Using hanging planters is a more reliable way to prevent water damage to your deck. Since the planters won't touch the deck, you won't have to worry about the problems sitting planters present. You'll also see plants at a higher elevation, making them useful for attractively creating privacy. Try to hang the planters in a position where water doesn't drip on the deck. Figure out how much water each of your deck plants needs, then stick with the amount to avoid overwatering.

3. Seal or Stain Your Deck

To protect your deck from water damage, it's advantageous to seal or stain the wood, which will make it more durable. It's one of the best ways to reduce deck maintenance. The first step is to give the deck a complete cleaning by removing dirt and other debris. Then seal or stain the wood with a layer of protective waterproof coating. The result is a longer-lasting and better-looking deck. You can add another layer of protection by building a roof over the deck. You should also be aware of the best deck paint for dogs.

Remove Planters in the Winter

Another way to protect your deck from issues caused by planters is just to clear the deck in the winter. Winter is when moisture without heat creates stains under planters. It will give you time to rethink your outdoor design for the spring when you return the planters or containers to your deck. You should also think about keeping delicate plants indoors during the windy season. When summer ends, it's a good time to remove the planters and inspect the deck for damage.

Experiment with Colorful Container Gardening

Container gardening gives you the most flexibility with your yard design planning. There are various container sizes available to fit your needs and aesthetics. Plant containers also come in different colors that allow you to experiment with color schemes that might match your home and yard. It's usually best to stick with just a few colors that don't distract from the beauty of flowers. Some impressive flowers that add natural colors to the home include red verbena, orange marigolds, and yellow sunflowers. Verbena can attract butterflies, adding dynamic, realistic effects to your scenery.


Plan your patio with deck-friendly plants so that you won't have to work as hard to make your property attractive. Use planters and containers in ways that don't degrade your deck. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing for more creative ideas on improving the aesthetics and value of your home.