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Creative Backyard Island Ideas

Steve Thompson
March 19, 2021

Adding a creative backyard island to a residential property can make it more attractive and raise the property value. Part of the beauty of designing a backyard kitchen is that you can customize it in countless ways to provide convenient storage. Here are some backyard island ideas to use as starting points.

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Before a homeowner designs a plan for an outdoor kitchen, it's best to identify the functions and the appliances they need. Some people customize their outdoor kitchens to include a grill, sink, refrigerator, cabinets, and a dining area. Then the homeowner should design a layout for these kitchen components.

Most backyard kitchen designs allow access from all four sides. It helps to determine the amount of space the chef needs to move around. Many homes choose portable elements for their backyard appliances to protect them from rain and wind in the winter. Kitchen items can be easily transported inside and out include portable grills and refrigerators.

Creative Outdoor Designs

The choice of outdoor appliances and the way a homeowner arranges them defines the uniqueness of the layout. Sometimes just a slick countertop can get people's attention as an attractive feature. While countertops come in various materials, two of the most appealing are stainless steel and stone, both of which are very durable.

It's important to balance safety with aesthetics. An outdoor barbecue grill placement is essential for planning where smoke will be directed and for aesthetic value. It can be set up against the backdrop of tile or brick and look like it blends in with the environment. Meanwhile, the placement of an oven hood should allow for proper ventilation and smoke to clear.

A creative and cohesive customized approach is for homeowners to find equipment that blends well with their existing backyard scenery. Installing a pizza oven can look attractive in an area made of brick. Paying attention to colors and materials is the key to striking the right balance between aesthetics and appliances’ utility.

Another idea to consider is to give the barbecue its structure with storage space. It's a way to segment the backyard into separate areas for social gatherings. When a barbecue has its covered area, it distinguishes the cooking area from the dining area. The structure could be a shed or a small building for storing equipment and supplies. It can also be used to divide the pool area from the rest of the backyard.

Storage issues can be resolved in numerous ways, including open shelving. This idea works well for displaying cocktail glasses in an outdoor bar. Open shelving helps place items that guests can quickly grab, such as plates or napkins.

Going the Extra Mile

While going the budget-friendly minimalist route is how many homeowners begin their quest into backyard designs, some families enjoy making their homes extra special for themselves and visitors. Adding modern features such as skylights to a backyard setting can be a compelling attraction that triggers conversations. Other forms of lighting, such as strip lighting or string lights, can create impressive ambiance.

The best way to make a home memorable and comfortable for sports fans is to install a large weatherproof LED TV on the backyard barbecue island. Modern TVs are designed to withstand the glare of the sun and other environmental factors. Watching live game action in a backyard setting is an excellent way to celebrate weekend sporting events with friends.

Determining outdoor ambiance is up to the homeowner's taste. Some homeowners want to convey contemporary themes, while others enjoy nostalgic themes. One way to repurpose an old stove or refrigerator is to move it outside in an area that looks like it's devoted to an earlier time. It's a way to make use of several old display items that might otherwise sit in a closet for years.

Rethink the Pool Area

One of the most adventurous backyard island ideas is to renovate your pool to be more modern and efficient. Blending natural rock with a pool area usually seems to be a good presentation. Stone can be used to separate the outdoor kitchen from the pool area. It's exciting imagery that often works well to convey natural strength.


These are just basic backyard island ideas to get homeowners thinking about their backyard ideas. Contact us at West Coast Deck Waterproofing if you need help with pool deck repair or maintenance anywhere in Southern California.