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Front Yard Desert Landscape Ideas

Steve Thompson
February 19, 2021

Here are some front yard desert landscape ideas to consider that will enhance your home’s appearance and add tremendous value.

1. Small Courtyard with Desert Plants

One of the most classic front yard desert landscape ideas is to design a small courtyard as a welcoming entrance. It doesn't need elaborate lighting, as modern LED lights will work fine. Low maintenance landscaping adds to this elegant but efficient concept. The idea is to create a private open space to provide a sense of comfort and security. Building waterproof stairs that lead to the doorway gives the home a traditional appearance while using a modern strategy to promote safety.

2. Desert Trees to Cool Your Home

Planting desert trees in one's front yard will help keep the home cool in the summer. Adding shrubs along the driveway that match the trees gives the house a picturesque natural quality with a minimalistic landscaping design. The trees add beauty and utility in creating shade, which helps lower energy bills. Several types of desert trees require very little care or water yet add colorful beauty to the yard. Desert trees to consider include; Palo Verde, Desert Willow, and Chilean Mesquite, while Ocotillo is regarded as the "King of the Desert Trees."

3. Assorted Desert Landscaping Plants

One of the most natural front yard desert landscape ideas for a desert home is surrounding it with various desert plants. Landscape architects often favor xeriscaping, in which designs reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation. But homeowners can expand their landscaping choices by installing an irrigation system. The use of drip irrigation opens the door to diverse, colorful rock designs. Paving a walkway with brick steps gives the home a classic and durable appearance.

4. Utilizing the Natural Landscape

Another option for front yard desert landscaping is to work with what the environment already provides simply. A desert region naturally provides a mix of beautiful green and rocky imagery that combines rocks and gravel with native plants, trees, and grasses. Emphasizing desert plant life with low stone walls brightened by LED lights can add regional character and a sense of ecological balance to a desert home. Some of the most beautiful desert plant life includes cacti and shrubs. Using organic fertilizers will improve the ability of these plants to absorb and store water.

5. Build a Stepping Stone Path and Bridge

To maximize outdoor decor in a way that combines aesthetics and utility, consider building a bridge with a lighted path over a dry creek bed in the front yard. This type of elegant walkway combines traditional engineering with nature. Dry creek beds provide utility in the sense they can solve water drainage problems in the winter. They are useful for water drainage whether the home is built on flat land or a hillside.

If you’re going to be including stairs in your design, be sure to waterproof them to make your home safer. It's easier for someone to slip on steps that aren't waterproof. Since stairs are subject to constant wear and tear from people and environmental elements, it's essential to inspect them regularly.