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Applying Concrete Coatings

Christine Lee
July 3, 2016

While concrete is a durable and budget-friendly material that is great for your home, the plain concrete slabs can be quite dull. If you are thinking of sprucing up your driveway or outdoor deck but are worried about the cost of expensive stone or granite, there is no need to worry. That’s because applying concrete coatings, you can have your driveway and deck looking brand new for nearly half the cost. 

Concrete coatings not only protect the slab of cement, but it also adds a decorative top coat that can be different colors and styles as well. With a top coat, patterns can even be stamped into the cement. This means that the end result can end up looking like more expensive materials such as brick, tile, stone and even travertine. With the latest technologies, nearly any color can be added to the top coating so that whatever you are looking for, your needs can be met. Common colors include tans and browns, greys, reds and oranges, and even hues of green. 

Before a top coating can be applied however, the surface must be evaluated. During this process, it needs to be determined whether or not there are any signs of distress to the floor. Are there cracks, chips, or any signs of unevenness? If this is the case, the surface can simply be resurfaced with the concrete coating going over the brand new surface. Concrete coatings have a number of benefits. For example, while concrete is already a strong substance, the coating will actually increase the durability, longevity and strength of the concrete surface. Another benefit is the flexibility of the design. Aside from colors, even textures can be added, which can dramatically change the overall look of the floor. These coatings also require low maintenance. There is no need for regular polishing and because of the material, stains can easily be washed away with soap and water. Finally, concrete coatings are an affordable alternative to other materials that are out there. 

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