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All Decked Out for the Summer

Ariana Sanchez
June 5, 2020

Ready to update your deck for summer? Decks are essential for relaxing fun, BBQs, and poolside parties. With so many designs, materials, and decor options, the perfect deck depends on how you like to entertain outdoors. Whether you have a small space or wide outdoor patio area, we want to provide you with ideas to turn your back deck into summer party central.

Rather than stick with a bland deck, update deck for summer with different colors, composite materials, bar designs, or a new theme to create an outdoor space that's both fun and functional.

Time for a Paint or Stain Update

One of the simplest things you can do is paint or stain your deck. Even if you have a smaller deck, a fresh coat of paint or new stain color can make your deck look ten times better. New paint or stain can protect your deck while also making your home and outdoor area more cohesive. When paints or stains match the exterior color of your home, outdoor decks look like an extension of your house.

Go Green

The fastest way to add a bit of color and life to your deck is through plants. Succulents, ferns, ficus trees, small palms, and flowers can add an exciting element to your outdoor area. When placed in contemporary and unique pots of different sizes and heights, you brighten the decor and change the entire vibe of your deck.

All-Purpose Outdoor Bar Ideas

If you have a larger deck area, you can turn part of it into an all-purpose bar area. With wood planks, you can build a standalone bar area complete with shelves, outdoor mini-fridge, and glass storage.

Elevated Decks

Even if you have a small yard or side space, you can build an elevated deck for a lounging area or a small outdoor dining area. You'll need to lay down gravel and concrete first, then install the posts and joists. Once your deck is constructed, it's time for a resistance coat and stain to prevent mold.

Choose a Great Theme for Your Deck

There are so many ways to decorate your outdoor entertaining and dining area. Perhaps you want to go with a natural green theme that combines with some nautical elements. Here are some deck theme ideas to consider:

  1. Outdoor Mediterranean loft with tan curtains and furniture, hanging lights, and colorful ceramic pots for plants
  2. Beachside theme with aquatic elements, from seafoam-colored pots and fixtures to give your deck a coastal feel
  3. Try a monochromatic palette with pure whites, beige, or silver pieces, such as a wirework round table and contemporary gray cushions
  4. Tropical themes add a touch of color with bold, vibrant patterns in tangerine and fuchsia palettes with stripes and floral patterns
  5. Create a cozy lounge with an outdoor day bed style area, Chinese lanterns, string lights, and wood tables

There are hundreds of ways to style an outdoor deck at your Orange County home, but we suggest finding the pieces that work with your home's decor and make you feel the most relaxed while hanging outside.